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Probably not Reich

On Nov. 20, 2007, James DeMeo, Ph.D., wrote:

I'm not so sure this fellow is

going to apply the Reich methods. I seem to recall a Russian outfit

putting up massive antennas composed of tall poles and wires strung

horizontally, charging them electrostatically. I could be wrong.

Most of the guys I know who have the skills on the cloubusting method

would not have the brass to ask such a high price -- but maybe we

should have!

But it is totally false what is said about the Aussie

government being open to new ideas. Over the years I flooded their

various government departments with published studies on the Reich

method, with very good data, offering to come and help out for a

song. I never even got a reply back.

The video of that ABC report

suggests the whole issue has fallen into the abyss of election-year

politics, and everyone has drawn their daggers.

I just checked my email files, and the efforts to get a project going

in Australia started in earnest around 2002. We sought $50,000 US

for a demonstration project which barely covered expenses. Letters

went to top political leaders, water-related cabinet heads, and news

reporters. Even a special web-page was created for this project.

Efforts were later expanded to farmer's organizations, and small

wealthy gold mining town which had nearly used up the local supply.

Nothing came from any of that. We finally determined to do it on our

own dime, with help from a small group of interested farmers, but El

Nino turned into La Nina just about the time we were supposed to get

on the plane, and rains began to fall with floods even in the SE of

Oz. So we cancelled everything. Would have been somewhat comical

for a rain-maker to step off the plane in the middle of a heavy


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Ning is by invitation only

It appears the the weather control ning forum referenced in the pesWiki article is now by invitation only.

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Sanford Staab

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