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Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Water Fueled Car - Sri Lanka - A Sri Lankan inventor has come up with a super-efficient electrolysis method that allegedly enables a small vehicle to travel 80 kilometres on just one litre of water, without any danger to life or any impact on the environment. (PESWiki July 23, 2008)


Voyage Math

The distance between Colombo (the capital in the South East) and Anuradhapura (Central North) is 206 Km or 128 miles. The water-powered car traveled to Anuradhapura and back on three litres of water. Three thousand (3,000) grams of liquid water were broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas by the special electrolysis process and then recombined back into H20 molecules by combustion inside the motor (with the subsequent production of heat energy) to be released as water vapor in the exhaust during the 412 Km or 256 mile round trip. If 0.5 A (amperes) were used at 12 VDC (volts direct current), this means that the input energy electrolysis expenditure was at a rate of 6 watts (Power = Voltage x Current = 12V x 0.5A = 6 watts) which is less than 0.01 or one hundredth (1 %) of one horse power (100 x 6/746 = 0.8%), a seemingly small amount.

Each HP (horsepower) of energy produced is equivalent to 746 watts (electrical equivalent of 550 foot-pounds per second) so the chemical energy produced by the recombination (combustion) of hydrogen with oxygen within the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) greatly exceeded the input energy required for the hydrogen-oxygen bond separation needed by the special electrolysis process discovered by Thushara.


TV coverage Water Car from Srilanka!!

Dailynews Sri Lanka: Groundbreaking invention from Athurugiriya youth

The nation Sri Lankan engineer M.A. Thushara Edirisinghe set to give motorists a shot in the arm with his invention that enables vehicles to run with water instead of fuel

Business intelligence Middle east:The water-powered car race heats up still further

Dailynews Sri Lanka: In search of creativity

Sinhalaya News Agency: Walter Jayawardhana:Sri Lankan inventor says he has made the car that runs on water

According to the news report Thushara claims the technology existed for 60 years and that the generator could be fixed to any petrol or diesel vehicle with suitable adjustments.Using

Thushara explained the technology behind his creation to the [Prime Minister of Sri Lanka] Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka at Temple Trees Wednesday, 15 July 2008. Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka (who also holds portfolios of Minister of Internal Administration and Deputy Minister of Defense) extended the Government’s fullest support to his efforts to introduce the water-powered car to the Sri Lankan market. The Premier also pledged to provide bank loans and facilities to carry out the conversion of fuel-powered engines to water-powered ones.

Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka also holds portfolios of Minister of Internal Administration and Deputy Minister of Defense.

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