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Verdant Power is a world leader in commercializing low-impact kinetic hydropower solutions, harnessing the energy from river, tide, and man-made channels.

They have one prototype installation presently producing power for customers. Commercial production, following the conclusion of the prerequisite impact testing, is expected to commence at the end of 2008, beginning with expanding the New York City East River site to 300 turbines, from its present six, where the river flows over bedrock at around 2 meters per second, producing 1 megawatt-hour of electricity per day.


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Fish/Mammal Damage Inevitable

On June 10, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauen wrote:

For as generally excellent that this technology seems

to be, it does not clearly vindicate it from fish and

mammal damage. It resembles wind turbines, and those

are known to have deleterious effects on birds.

Considerable energy is taken from these turbines, so

shear rates near the blades, despite a lack of

turbulence, can result in substantial shear forces on

a fish near them. This keeps its rating below Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD for


On June 10, 2007, NEC member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, wrote:

As I was writing this report today, and was trying to visualize a 5M diam blade spinning at 32 rpm, the thought struck me that that is not "slow". I'm no fish, but if I was, I certainly would not wish to veer into the path of one of these things.

Unlike wind turbines, the evidence of a kill is not going to be found at the base of the water turbine.

Despite Verdant spending $2 million on their environmental impact review, I have a hard time imagining them having enough money to watch every second of the six turbine's action to document the instances of fish kill. It's not like they're going to be able to see that one of the fish that came in proximity of the blade then goes 40 feet away before it stops moving, then to be carried another 100-1000 feet before it gets deposited somewhere in the river bed.

This factor makes this technology superior to fossil-fuel-based technologies, but not superior to other, less environmentally invasive technologies.

Free-Current Technology Turning Commercial

On June 10, 2007, There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] wrote:

Marine Current Turbines will be testing a 1.2Mw version of its SeaGen in August (Ireland) and GE Energy Financial Services is investing $112 million into construction of a 196 megawatt run of the river Hydroelectric project (BC, Canada) with Plutonic Power Corperation. I think that free current energy production is beginning to turn commercial, though I do not know which technology in particular will prevail.

I like the duo turbine Sea Gen but it is probably good only for relatively shallow water. For deeper currents something else would have to be used.

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