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Talk:Directory:Turbine Truck Engines, Inc.

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Image:DetonationCycleGasTurbineengine 95x95.jpg

Owns an exclusive license for the manufacturing and marketing of a highly innovative, environmentally-friendly 300 to 1,000 horsepower turbine-based truck engine. Known as the Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine engine, its patented cyclical detonation technology is poised to revolutionize the heavy-duty truck engine market.


First this as a frightfully loud 'engine', if it is near production, the guy should not need to wear the earphones, no one is going to allow this on the road. Secondly 16,000 rpms? Can it do 1000 rpms or 500 rpms? Third, How is a constant 16,000 rpm engine move a constantly varying speed truck? Fourth, Was this ever put in a real vehicle with actual load on the engine? Do not put it in production until someone actually ran one in a vehicle for proof of concept. Fifth, Why the need for three electric motors, can one do the job, and are they constantly using electricity

or is it a 'starter motor' and then the momentum of the engine continues the spinning?