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Image:Tesnic wind turbine 95x95.jpg

The TESNIC is based on the principles of the Tesla turbine, extracting the wind power via adhesion, in addition to the classic drag and lift extraction, enabling it to achieve a very high efficiency, with the potential cost of electricity produced below the utility price.


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On July 20, 2008, Charles Kurtz wrote:


I'm partial to things Tesla, as long as they adhere to his actual concepts, which generally include quite stringent conditions. Off hand, I like this adaptation. However, there would seem to be some question regarding practical matters such as keeping these 2mm spaces clean. Spider webs, bugs, dust, leaves, etc. will tend to clog them. Also, the actual wind 'catchment' (or whatever the word is for it) area is quite small. This in conjunction with the stationary strator vanes that don't seem to extend out very far, would seem to limit the amount of wind directed to the rotor.

It is interesting to note that form does tend to follow function, as this design looks somewhat like one I was playing around with a year or so ago, although it wasn't for an outside wind turbine - TESNIC's slanted rotors are a nice touch. Here's an image showing the similarities.

Best of luck on your venture.

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