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Super Tech® is a catalyst device that is immersed in the fuel tank, where it emits infrared and electromagnetic waves. These waves apparently affect the way that the fuel molecules interact with each other, allowing a more favorable combustion of the fuel, resulting in 6% to 12% savings and reduced emissions. Extensive documentation.


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Our Experience with Supertech

On July 25, 2010, User:Mehzeblgr wrote:

We were for a short period of time the NED or the NATIONAL EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTORS of the product SUPERTECH for the territories of both India and China.

The product was tried by several fleet owners in India to no actual saving response, when tried by us we found that in two cases the link that supports the device (like a chain that hold the device in the tank is fasten on the other end to either the fuel cap or another appropriate place to keep the product floating in the tank)it broke and and the product was just sitting in the tank to no avail and causing bumps sounds every time the vehicle went over a bump. The product once in the tank cannot also be taken out till the fuel is all drained and the tank is opened (if that is possible) and then taken out.

While the product may or may not be a good one the working principles of the firm sucks.

To qualify to be a NED we had to attend a elaborate seminar where the details of the product are explained to you in two parts.

While the details of the product are explained to you in detail other important aspects are held back.

The history of the product in the country you are wanting to represent the product is very cleverly withheld.

In our case the firm had tried out various NED in the territories in the past but not one was successful for various reasons to include the functioning of the product, the old and outdated marketing techniques of the firm, the new vehicles which are fuel efficient and do not need devices to help save fuel etc. whatever the reasons, the history of the product in the territory is not given for fear that if you would check with the previous NED's they would tell you the truth of the product and you would not take the product up.

To one of my quires that it is possible for a person to buy the device in say another territory and then claim the refund from us in out territory (what protection would i have) i was told that each product for a particular country would have a special code and mark on the product that would indicate the territory in which the product is to be sold as well the year of the manufacture.

They also insisted that i get a substantial order place. We were also told of many people interested in the territory and that if do not act fast we would not be lucky to work with them etc. The usual sales tactics to box you in. Eventually we placed a order and got the product. When the product was delivered we found that instead of the product bearing as was told to us the code of the country we were representing we were sent product that was meant to be sold in another country, which was very evident as it still had the packaging of the the country it was to be sold in and the installation guidelines of the product were also in the language of the country. We were told that we could change the packaging to the suit the packaging of India and could then put the product in it and sell it. Thereby asking us to sell a product that was manufactured to be sold in another country was to be sold by us disguised in a packaging for the country we represent. On further investigation we found that we would be committing fraud doing what was suggested.

In the meantime the also took from us advance monies for the next order (which if we did not get on time) we would lose the NED status. When we finally on legal advice told them we were not willing to market the product and that they could take the product back and refund our money for the consignment and also return to us the money they took in as advance for the next order. They totally refused to do so, quoting various reasons like the money we gave in advanced has time lapsed (what a laugh) and so on.

We are in the process of investigating the product SUPERTECH and the firm EURO FUELSAVER. Palermo, Sicily, with the intent to sue them on eight different counts. We also intend to find out how many other NED's have been duped the same way and given product that legally could not be sold in their territories on condition established by the firm themselves.

We are also anxious to learn why a product originally manufactured for a particular country (as is obvious with the packaging of that country and its installation insert in the local language of the country)was not sold by the original buyers in the first place in the country that it was meant to be sold in. it raises a lot of questionable doubts. Was the product originally sent to the NED of that particular country, who found the product defective and returned it or for some other reason rejected it? Was the product already too old to be accepted by the Ned of the country? Was the product not selling as was anticipated by the NED in the country and so on. The fact however remains that the firm EURO FUELSAVER tried to dump their hitherto unsold product in a new territory to a new unaware NED. to whom incidentally they did not even tell about the prior NEDs in the same territory who had tried the product and failed.

If you want to have a good laugh get in touch with us and i will send you extracts from their emails to us when we told them of our intent to sue them they are right down insulting and ridiculous not to say unprofessional: No one who takes them on ever wins (makes me wonder how many actually took them on. I do not remember the exact quotes but they are to that effect, "They got your email and are laughing and will reply to you when they stop" I think that was when we sent a email to NED of the country in whose packaging we got the goods. Can you believe this is a professional firms response.

All the same i have other work to do and will see them in court, if any of you out there have a similar experience with the firm we would love to hear from you.

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