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Enigma G.C.'s "SuperMag" allegedly uses manipulated magnetic fields to generate electricity sufficient to power the needs of a home or office building and provides clean electrical power for free to the consumer after the initial cost of the purchase and installation of the system. "The first beta proto-type should be ready next year and is to be tested by an independent research lab over the following year to fully evaluate its performance and capabilities."


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On April 18, 2007, Pierre wrote:

Same modus operandi as other stock scams like Sniffex. What they do is create a company on the cheap, float millions of shares of stock all owned by the founders or their friends and relatives, and then issue bogus "news" releases through a scumbag outfit like Market Wire. Here are some links... tell ya what... small clever crowd here... just look at the Yahoo links... here: and for Sniffex/Homeland Safety (look at a 2 year chart!): I guess there's always some dummy willing to invest in these ugly of obvious crooked schemes.

Read Between the Lines

Re: March/April 2007 Information on SuperMag, PM Rotary Devices, Energy "Good N (Score: 1)

by Mar1 on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 @ 12:15:53 PDT

Supervision Entertainment Inc. the supposed company behind the Supermag magnetic electric generator is primarily involved in the entertainment industry, it seems very strange indeed that the company would enter into the alternative energy business rubric.

As I reviewed their released articles, I noticed that there is lots of room for a good dose of healthy skepticism regarding their claims. On November 28, 2006 they released an article found at the following link [].

In this article they state that they had entered into a contractual agreement for 11.5 million US dollars with a private environmental investment company named TSG based in Canada, well I found the website for this company at the following link, [] and all I can say is that this company is involved in the environmental regulatory consulting business specializing in various chemical business sectors such as pesticides, disinfectants, cosmetics Etc., but they don’t claim to be a private investment company targeting environmental technology as claimed by Supervision Entertainment Inc.

The other article that troubled me was the one released on December 18, 2006 found at the following link []

In this article they claim that a magnetic pump that uses the same or similar technology as the Supermag was used as an artificial heart which was successfully transplanted into a 65 year old patient by the name of Gerard Langevin at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal Canada by Dr. Renzo Cecere. This article is grossly misleading, first of all they fail to mention the company responsible for the technology, which is a company called Thoratec Corporation. The company can be located at the following link, []. The name of the pump installed is the Heartmate II (LVAS) which stands for left ventricular assist system, which they also fail to mention and to complicate maters even more this system uses a battery pack to power the system and as if this wasn’t enough the Heartmate II is really completely irrelevant to the Supermag, the product that has some relevance is called the Heartmate III which still has not gone through any clinical trials and has not been transplanted into anyone as of yet. The only reason why the Heartmate III is relevant is because it is a magnetically suspended centrifugal blood pump and by the way it also uses a battery pack, so I will let all of you be the judge as to whether or not this is deceitful to the point of nearly being able to claim fraud.

The other article that troubled me was released on December 12 2006, where they claim that a company by the name of Enigma G.C. had entered into an agreement with them for 35.5 million U.S dollars. This company’s website can be found at the following link, []. This company is a credit card processing company, what in God’s good name are they doing thinking about putting 35.5 dollars into technology that is totally irrelevant to their line of business, once again as in the first article I fail to see the connection.

Now I am not claiming that what they are saying regarding the Supermag is impossible, given that their system does seems to involve the manipulation of very powerful magnetic fields acting over or affecting diamagnetic materials to induce motion. This is a little more credible in the sense that it is not your typical claim involving equal polarity magnets and nothing more, remember that the problem with these systems has always been “magnetic lock up? , but diamagnetic materials don’t present this challenge because they never seek to realign they selves with the magnet exerting a force against it.

So my advice is be very and I mean extremely cautious regarding this company, if you are thinking about investing in it, wait until the technology is displayed at the Southern California Investment Association further on this year and if you are very interested go and witness the technology yourself before placing a penny in this thing. In what concerns me, I am extremely disappointed in their deceitful nature and shady information advertised by company through []. That’s all folks, and I really hope I am wrong.

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