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Talk:Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator

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Professional Input

Take it With a Grain of Salt

On Oct. 13, 2006, Mark Goldes, CEO of Directory:Magnetic Power Inc, said:

I would take this with a very great grain of salt. Our team has looked carefully at this technology claim. We can't see anything in the videos that can't be faked (via batteries or wireless transmission of power). We also are privy to a person from Sweden who lost $80,000 to an individual (now deceased) in Perth, Australia, who said he had the authority to represent the technology. Furthermore, there has to be something seriously wrong if all these years later -- nearly a decade -- there still is nothing in the marketplace. There has not been any further news of prototyping and testing.

Rebuttal to Goldes' statement

It's explained quite clearly in the first few pages of the thread that the person in question who conned people out of their money told people he represented the technology, which is untrue. His name was Brian Collins, and did Mr. Mark a great disservice, as he is the root of all of the slander that was directed at Steven. Brian Collins was also quite insane, and called himself "Moses", requested that his friends call him that, and claimed that the world was going to follow him into a new promised land.

If this person from Sweden were to come forward, and incriminate Mr. Mark somehow directly that would be a different story, but this "warning" can be dismissed out of hand.

To the point raised that there must be something "seriously wrong" because no device is at market. Well... Gray, Moray, Sweet, Brown, (shall I continue?).. None of them have devices on the market. I mean, it's not like there's a concerted effort to keep this kind of technology from the public, right?


A Common Problem, Isnt it?

Magnetic Power, Inc. has also had exciting technology promised for years with "still nothing in the marketplace". If someone can demonstrate that power density in batteries or wireless transmission of power that effective, they have a Billion Dollar invention just with that alone. No one but Tesla and Stubblefield have ever shown wireless transmission of power to that extent if MPI is capable of reproducing that 'fakery' by such means, let them ante up with such technology, and profit by it openly.

NEC Input

Hidden Battery Possible

On Oct. 16, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert Indech wrote:

As Ed Sines [NEC] has suggested, this device would appear to be simply a DC to

AC converter with a hidden battery. Powering a 75 watt lightbulb for 20

seconds at 80% conversion efficiency requires only (75/(.80)x20/3600=0.52)

about 1/2 watt-hour of energy, easily obtainable from a small battery. For

example, a small AA alkaline battery, yields approximately 4 watt-hours of

energy (i.e. approx 1.5 volts x 2.8 amp-hour capacity). It would not be

difficult to hide such a small unit in the wrapped toroid as shown in the video. If a lithium battery were used, it would be even smaller. If only 1/2 watt-hour of energy is used, similar to the demo, then the hidden electrochemical battery might only have a

dimension 2 times that of a watch battery. Again, 1/2 watt-hour energy could

be provided by a watch battery weighing only 2.3 grams...Reference:


Full disclosure of this remarkable invention would be required before

anyone should commit a dime to its "development".

Except for one thing...

Dr. Indech overlooks one obvious fact: Even IF modern lithium batteries could furnish

sufficient energy density to 'fake' the demonstration without being large and obvious enough

for any of the observers - and the camera - to easily detect (which is dubious), today's lithium

polymer battery technology DID NOT EXIST a decade ago, in 1997, when these videos were filmed. All of the great advances in battery tech that make our power tools and laptops and cellphones run so much longer than they used to, have all come out in the years since then, and were not available to Mr. Marks at the time, in order to hoax it with.

Sequestered by Govt?

On Oct. 13, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen wrote:

I first found this and mentioned it on my Energy page back in August. It has definitely fascinated me. There are 5 [#Videos |videos]] posted on Google. It is best to start with part 2 first, otherwise the close ups won't make any sense in the other clips.

I have waded through about half of the 150 + postings at the overunity chat board. Mr. Mark himself has made several responses. But at least in what I have read so far, he makes no reference to it progressing toward public use. I fear his affiliate company has allowed it to become a proprietary government item. Neither is he ever clear if he solely invented it himself or if he was contracted by the acronym company to develop it. I have found no websites promoting it.

So after a month of study, I come up with more questions than answers myself. I think in part one he takes a power saw to the coil and you see it is not a conventional iron core torroidal coil. It is air core. But that is all I know for sure. Perhaps some of the ardent Tesla fans in the group could figure out the missing links.

As far as an NEC rating, it is quite impressive, but if the company wants to let the govenment take all of it, it isn't much good to anyone else.

Siding with the skeptics, there is still the possibility that there were power line grids within a block of his demo home. And we both know ther are coils out there that can pull power from a high voltage grid maybe a half mile away. [

Rebuttal : Possibly, but it's unlikely someone could pull that much from a radio antenna or the grid with the size of the device shown in the videos. -- User:Gn0stik

2004 Hartmann review

From: "Stefan Hartmann"

Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 1:15 AM

Subject: New Marks coil infos

Here are some new infos from Steve.

- Original Message -

From: "Steve Wilcken"

To: "Stefan Hartmann"

Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 8:23 AM

Subject: Re: Marks device a fake ?


I have reviewed some of the material I have collected on the Steven Marks

"ring of power" (term coined by Jonathan Kolber). The video you posted on

zpenergy is similar to the video distributed by SEAS in May of 2002. The

venue is different, but the same small and large toroids were demonstrated

in an identical setup with 10 light bulbs, etc. The electrical discharge

arc and washboard effects were also demonstrated in the other video. The

SEAS video is probably still available.

This new video clip was shot in Perth, Australia by an investment group that

was weighing the possibility of buying the technology. You may already be

aware of this. Marks wanted too much money for his device, so the deal fell

through. The Australian investment group was permitted to thoroughly test

the device. They are convinced that the device is not a fake. Marks

apparently sold the technology to his attorney, Mr. Paul Stemm, who

presently resides in the Philippines.

The SEAS organization also communicated with Marks back in late 2001 or

early 2002. Again, Marks wanted too much money. SEAS subsequently

contacted Paul Stemm, who is apparently attempting to bring the device into

production readiness. Evidently, the device requires development in the

sense that it only works in a certain orientation relative to the earth.

This must relate to the "washboard" effect commented on in the videos.

Apparently that problem has been resolved, or is in the process of being


The device apparently requires a small amount of input power from a battery.

This bothers some people, for reasons that completely elude me.

Unfortunately, I don't have a clue as to how the device operates. I am

hoping to receive additional information in the near future, which may shed

further light on the operational characteristics.


Steve Wilcken

Stefan Hartman Posts Video

Oct. 22, 2004

I just re-encoded the whole 700 Mbytes movie with DR.DIVX

to about 185 Mbytes with no visible loss.

I uploaded it splitted into 8 ZIP files ( 8 AVI files with codec)


There is also the original 95 MBytes MPEG movie from

the other presentation.

But try first to get the ZIP files !

If you want to play the ZIPed AVI files you need to have the

codec installed on your machine.

As I have encoded the audio with VBR MP3 settings, you need

to disable the internal MPEG Audio Codec in Media Player Classic,

if you use this player before loading the AVI file.

It plays fine in Microsoft Windows Mediaplayer 9 also !

( You don´t need to toggle there something...)

Have a look at the whole movie first before commenting on it !

I got the movie already in MPEG-4 V1 352x288 and 12 Khz PCM format

from a guy from Czecheslowaki ( .cz) and he got a 5th or more generation

videotape copy from Poland 1 1/2 years ago, so that is the bad tape quality


Please post some comments, if you have watched it and tell me,

if you think the big output is faked or real !

Thanks !

Regards, Stefan.