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Super Efficient Battery Charger and Re-energizer - Claimed over unit achieved with a variant, rotorless version of Bedini-SG motor-energizer. Never validated.


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Simple Test for OU

I have encountered probably in the 100's of people who are quick to make such a claim, but haven't even done the most fundamental of tests. In this case, the obvious test is to run a test where you can report filling in the following blanks:

Proposed Validation Statement : "I have a device that I am willing to demonstrate to independent witnesses which weighs ____ pounds. I have run it for _____ days off a _____ battery which weights _____ ounces. It powered a ____ watt light bulb the whole time with no other conventional source of energy in. The voltage across the light bulb was ___ volts DC at the start and ____ volts DC at the end"

Of course the bigger the time and wattage and the smaller the battery mass, the more interesting the test is. I have noticed very few claimants willing to offer this bottom line information. I really think that validating an OU claim should not be that tough of a problem.

Eric Krieg (Jan. 11, 2005)

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