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The 80 degrees F surface water in the tropical oceans serves as the heat source and typically 3,000 feet below the surface is the heat sink or the cold bottom water, which is 40 degrees F. This temperature difference or delta T is sufficient to operate vapor turbines, which drive generators and produces electricity and fresh water as a byproduct.


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Too Many Moving Parts

On Apr. 15, 2010, MsFishty wrote:

Having worked offshore for many years now in a marine technical environment, I have to say that this device has too many moving parts, and is vulnerable to heavy seas. Survivability would in my opinion be very poor. The modeling may work quite well on a computer and test tank, but that's as far as it goes. Sorry!

Beat to Pieces / Environmental Considerations

On November 03, 2006, Robert Davis wrote (at The Energy Blog:

"There is a lot of mechanical stress on these systems in general, although I can't speak to SDE's design in particular. Ocean Power Technologies did a prototype installation off Kaneohe a while back that literally pounded itself to pieces in a storm. (I know an engineer that worked on the project.)"

"SDE's design actually requires an existing breakwater or other structure, so you'd have to factor those into your construction costs and EROEI calculations, not to mention the environmental impact. There is a growing body of research demonstrating that seawalls are very bad things for coastlines. Installing these on existing breakwaters would probably be a good idea, but that would hugely limit their use to minor niche status."

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