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Retrofit water overspray system for power station gas turbines will allegedly reduce emissions by 40%, while reduces turbine fuel consumption by 25% and increases power generation by 25%.


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On July 18, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Nick Tastad, wrote:

This technique was employed as far back as 1950 when the first attempts to

commercialize jet transport required the extra thrust from water injected

jet engines. Naturally, the plane couldn't just carry gallons of water to

throw into the "fire" as it flew to its destination. The system was

employed on take off only.

It's a good technology, but I wonder if the few turbine based electricity

generators available for its employment make this a significant contributor

to the energy solution. Also, the statistics I see on natural gas markets

indicate to me that even if this increased efficiency by 90 percent, it may

not even be enough to hold the line.

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