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Directory:Power Chips PLC - Chips use thermionics to convert heat directly into electricity with a Carnot heat pump efficiency of up to 70-80%. This will be one of the first industrial applications of nanotechnology.


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All patent no action?

Does Borealis, and its subsidiaries including Power Chips PLC actually do anything other than create patents?

I have come across this company infrequently over the last 10 years of haunting the Internet looking for technologies that might make a difference. It always seems as though Borealis and its subsidiaries are just about to do something great, but they need some more funding. The Power Chips were patented years ago, yet it appears that no further development has been done.

In doing research for this post, it seems as though maybe one of their subsidiaries, Chorus Motors, might be getting to the point of selling something. Power Chips, PLC on the other hand hasn't posted much news other than presentations since 2002. As the late Clara Peller might say, "Where's the Beef?"

Is the technology real? No way for me to know. However, if I thought this company was capable of bringing the technology to market, I would own their stock, and I don't. The relatively new field of Quantum Dot photovoltaics seems to have more potential at this point than Power Chips, and since they can work in the infrared range, they may be used in the same applications.

Holding my breath is not something that I feel is prudent whilst waiting for delivery of my batch of Power Chips. Please do critical reading of Power Chips PLC FAQs before getting your hopes up.

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