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It appears that here you are changing the flux linkages and consequently changing the magnetic scaler and and vector potential fields in both space and time. This means that you can tap the energy/momentum inherent in these potential fields and possibly draw from the basic energy/momentum fields underlying the space/time continuum.


The POD core undeniably does some very weird things, that were widely replicated at the time of publication in 2002, but without funding, we can't really go any further. The ease with which current draw reductions of 50% + were obtained shocked a great many people. Also, the ‘ringing’ noise merits further investigation, but to my continuing dissapointment, no core has ever been pulsed with the adaptive precision originally envisaged.

Fixed frequency pulsing was an experimental compromise, and I still think a dynamic system would be an interesting point of comparison. We pushed the apparatus in one direction, and made a judgement call about how to move things forward, that was more or less successful, but thats not to say other development paths, would not yield other, different, but equally interesting outcomes.

As an experimental platform to study flux, I don’t see any better at this time. Its simple, its cheap, and the flux is not wholly confined to a core, making it easy to study. I’m available for a research fellowship if anyone wants to take me on. Without input from myself, or the 2/3 other experts on this technology at this time, experimental results tend to be dissapointing. We do hold back several optimization secrets, from public discussion.

But I'm not going to spend any more time on this without a grant. A $50 solid state experiment that exhibits excess current OUGHT to be interesting to universities, but sadly this is not the case. They seem to prefer friction on a slope modelling, and that sort of thing, because its 'safe.'

Science is not the pursuit of truth, rather it is the pursuit of funding. At least with open source forums like this, I can make the experiment available for others. There was a time when inventors with good ideas were ignored, denied funding, and the research just became forgotten. Further, if the academics do try and copycat the idea of inverted circuits, the Peswiki directory provides a historical record of research priority, which in this case, is more or less uncontested.

I've got a lot more information on my hard drive, anytime someone offers to fund me. But it seems likely to me its one of those things that will SUDDENLY get discovered 30 years down the road, and some kind or organised effort will be made to ensure the 'right' folks get the pr credit. Not some small time experimenter like me.


Still not being left alone

I'm still being (indirectly) harassed.

So I just uploaded more data, as I had promised, if this did not stop.

Somebody is not getting this.

The more harassment they apply, the more I will release.

I never signed an NDA, there is no limit to this process.

Mr Rockefeller should be careful. The Secret Society that controls the world's Triad gangs seems to be onto his world control agenda. There is a highly connected secret society, watching their secret society. NWO is infiltrated. They know NWO is suppressing energy technology.

Timharwood 12:14, 10 Jul 2007 (EDT)