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Image:Plurion Redox Battery 95x95.jpg

Zinc/Cerium Redox technology for renewable or grid electrical storage provides the highest power density of any battery on the market. The environmentally benign organic electrolyte is maintenance-free, making it possible to engineer sealed battery modules in the range of 250kW - 5MW, which can be connected to meet larger power requirements.


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Under Maintenance Free Batteries: "All competing Redox systems require some significant level of ongoing electrolyte management."

I don't think that's correct. While cross-contamination creates significant problems for most redox flow batteries, one class of redox flow battery, the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, is free of those problems because the two electrolytes consist of different oxidation states of the same element (vanadium) dissolved in sulphuric acid. So if they mix, there is no permanent damage to the battery. Simply repair the membrane, recharge and go.

Unless a good case can be made here that such claims for VRB are false, or that Plurion's battery requires less electrolyte management than a vanadium redox battery does, I'll remove the quoted sentence.

Disclosure: I have no connection to either Plurion or any other company that makes or sells batteries.

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