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Discussion page for Directory:PICC Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter

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Better World Technologies presents a catalytic converter replacement that legally pre-treats the fuel for complete combustion, rather than burning what is left over after incomplete combustion. Pre-heating the fuel along a rod turns the fuel into plasma, to burn a wide varieties of fuel efficiently and cleanly.


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I'm trying to tell everyone that I can about my bad customer experience with Dutchman, and the HAFC system. I don't want any more victims.

In June 08 I paid for a HAFC system (Hydrogen fuel cell system). Then, I spoke with Jeff at (never able to call him and get him to answer- he always has to return my call) I asked Jeff for a list of the trained certified technicians/installers/tuners (hereafter referred to as tuners) so I could start shopping before my HAFC arrived. He said they're all making too much money now that they've gone through the training with Dennis Lee, and they're doing their own HHO car systems & conversions now - & they can't talk to me. I felt bummed out about that. He said just find any mechanic to install it. After I was off the phone I realized if I can't find a "tuner" then I wont get the warrantee. If I don't get the warrantee and the system doesn't work, I'm out approx. $1000.00. OOOOUUUUCCHHH! So, figuring if Jeff wont give me the info, I'll just call direct to the company that I understood Jeff was a distributor for, to obtain a list of tuners. So I called Dutchman Tel 973-545-2498 or 281-998-4735. The lady I spoke with gave me email addresses for two tuners. She apologized that she couldn't give me any more info than that. So, I emailed both. One never did respond. The other was nice enough to call and told me that he wasn’t able to make the system work right. In fact, he said he had all but totally messed up one of his vehicles trying to do the system on it. He said he was in contact with other tuners who couldn’t make it work either. I certainly didn't want any part of that. It was then about 10 days after the credit card purchase) I called, and emailed to cancel the order and refund the purchase price. Jeff said he would charge me $100 and cancel the order. I protested the $100.00 charge for a lot of reasons, but none were good enough for him. In fact, Jeff thought it was reasonable for me to drive 12 hours to see a tuner he knew of. So, if you’re a potential client you better be aware of that. I’m in the largest city in Alabama - Birmingham. Why should I have to drive 12 hours for a tuner? Keep in mind that I received a notification that the order would be around 6-8 weeks before it could be delivered, so I knew the HAFC wasn't shipped yet. This was simply a paperwork credit issue, & Jeff refused to provide the full refund. I cancelled my order approx. 9 days after the original order. He said there is some kind of verbiage on the website that says he can charge me $100.00 if I cancelled the order. I never read anything to that effect. I thought I was getting a 100% money back guarantee, so I felt safe making the expenditure. If the system wasn’t what Dennis Lee said, I'd get my money back. To put it nicely HOGWASH! Don't you believe it! Cost me $100.00 trusting their “guarantee?. Buyer Beware - this thing is a scam & fraud !!! Stay away!


Still Deep in R&D

On June 22, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen wrote:

As Directory:Dennis Lee's biggest defender in the group, I would have to point out there is nothing public enough yet to perform a serious test analysis of his PICC technology. He is still doing Research & Development on it, so even I consider it theoretical at this point. His limited promo material makes it look like GEET, yet it has gone way beyond that to fix many of the inherent problems Pantone never solved.

But his hydrogen boost - HAFC, Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell units are now being shipped and really should be tested by NEC. I am waiting on my UCSA dealer to get me in touch with someone who has actually received a unit and to give me an interview. As soon as I have the funds, I plan to get one myself. His 50%+ mileage guarantee exceeds any claim made by any other hydrogen boost unit I know of. The thousand dollar price tag is actually competitive based on numbers compiled by Mark Dansie, such as the Gorilla units costing 6 to 11 thousand dollars or the unit from Canada costing $16,000 and neither offering guarantees of 50% or more improvement.

Also, Dennis announced on his last conference call that the California Air Resources Board is reviewing the HAFC unit's performance. I'm anxiously awaiting those results, knowing the run-ins Dennis has had with California politicians in the past.

All the PICC units are still under Dennis's control inside his R&D facility. Yes, he has measured some startling results, which he shared with dealers and affiliates, but unfortunately, as is Dennis' trade mark, news of good experimental results gets out way too soon before something is reliable and ready for the consumer to use. He is only taking applications for a quote, so no technical details are available to anyone. But the HAFC is nothing to sneeze at and well worth an inspection as soon as any of us can get our hands on one. The thing I admire about the HAFC is he did not stop with just a hydrogen generator, but integrated several other minor technologies that by themselves didn't seem to do much, like preheat, acetone, xylene etc. but together they really complement each other quite well. One issue that has affected BOTH the PICC and the HAFC is his technicians have been discovering hidden codes written into all the different car manufacturer ignition computers that CAUSE them to revert back to bad performance and wasted gas. He gets it to work great for a week, then wham, it's back to bad again as the computer kicks in with it's own hidden reset command. I think his finished product will have totally new computers with his own code for every vehicle.

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