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Discussion page for Directory:Peter Lindemann

One of the world's foremost experts on explaining how radiant energy works.


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Bruce Perreault Comments

Review of - Oct. 5 . [Note, Perreault has a reputation for cantankerous attacks that bear little resemblance to fact.]

Still you have to evaluate what Perrealt is wanting you to consider. He asking the fundamental question - "If Lindemann is such an expert, where are his concrete results?" I watched a two hour presentation given by Lindemann on google video where he confidently states that "we have the technology" pointing to an xogen patent for on demand hydrogen production. That struck me as odd since there really isn't a validatable model available anywhere. I was also wondering why he didn't bring any of his own free energy devices to present to the forum. I enjoyed the explanations, but a scientist not only delves into the theoretical but he will also present practical application to his theories. The waters of free energy are too muddy with "big talk". I think that it is time for people to basically "put up or shut up". Discussion of theories is important and vital, but to make blanket statements like "this guy got it to work and here's a picture...." is unacceptable. Since scientists call this area of research "crack science" we should hold to the scientific method even more strictly than they do, approaching it in this way nobody can deny the results and rigorousness of our investigations. Grundle 17:46, 10 Jul 2006 (EDT)

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