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Oct. 19, 2008 Psychrn7n wrote

"Agricultural runoff of nutrient rich silt is the key problem causing eutrophication. Sewage and industrial pollution are also factors. The industrial pollution may be the most dangerous in the long run. Also the deposition of mercury from dirty coal plants.

The absence of dredging and overuse of fertilizers are what is allowing this pollution to occur. Not only in the ocean, but also in lakes and rivers worldwide. Mankind has not been willing to clean up its act. We will pay the price with dead lakes and streams, and increasingly large ocean dead zones.

I live in Decatur, Illinois. We have a nice, and large lake on the south of the town. It is an agricultural town with very large corn and soybean processing plants. They use a lot of water, and send it back into the lake with nutrients and heated water. So we have a large sedimentation issue. The Sangamon River suffers, also, because only minimal water is released, from the dam, during times of low precipitation. A large portion of our sediment eventually ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. Rather than properly dredge the lake, and return the sediment to the farmland, the city fathers want to build more artificial reservoirs. Probably so they can tailor some real estate deals. This pollution is worldwide, and is one that is hardly even being addressed. It has barely reached the public consciousness.

We should have laws that require sediment to be dredged and redeposited on the farmland where it originated. Asian Carp thrive on algae, but crowd out game fish. They have taken over the Illinois River. Zebra mussels do the same, but clog pipes etc. Possibly a new type of industry could recollect nitrogen and other chemicals from rivers and lakes and reselling them. Or use them as raw material for algae biodiesel. What do you think?"

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