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Directory:Fusion > Directory:Noblefuse Electromagnetic Fusion - Solomon Azar has built a proof of concept demonstration device involving a Tesla coil and underwater plasma that allegedly gives off gamma radiation, a sign of nuclear combination. He also Archive:Plasma Messiah Correspondence that he is the Messiah. (PESWiki Mar. 23, 2008)



All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed

Second, it is violently opposed and

Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

"When you're one step ahead

of the crowd you're a genius.

When you're two steps ahead,

you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 199

Inventor has a basic command of the physics involved

''On February 28, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert Indech, PhD PE wrote:

Dear Sterling:

Having read the lengthy discussion of theory and methodology of hydrogen fusion creation, it is apparent that the inventor has a basic command of the physics involved, but with some stretches. The basic technique is to utilize a tunable high energy Telsa coil to create an ionic acceleration in a plasma derived pathway from a sample of ordinary (pure) water laced with heavy water. It is not clear to me whether the experiment, as described in the disclosure, has been performed, as the text is lacking in specific details of results achieved. If fusion did occur, there should be high energy particle emission, and possibly high energy neutrons, which would require specific particle detectors to measure. Such measurements were not in the disclosure. Further, a plasma fusion reaction occurring suddenly, in any appreciable concentration of deuterium, would have the effect of a small thermonuclear bomb. This result would be quite noticable.

I do not think that larger scale experimentation is required just more careful experimentation with the equipment he has. Utilizing 100% heavy water, easily obtainable from Sigma Chemical among others, would be a good start. Employing thermal monitors, a controlled chamber for the reaction, and radiation detectors may yield some examable data, which could proceed to a controlled form of fusion. After all, what he is really describing is a form of hot fusion whereupon the heating is caused by the emission of the high frequency high voltage Tesla coil output.

At present, there is insufficient information to assign a Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD rating. The inventor is welcome to give us more details after all, he has already submitted for patent his theory and device. If the method works as advertised, it would be given a T1 rating.

Gamma ray emissions is significant

On February 29, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert Indech, PhD PE wrote:

Dear Sterling:

Viewing the video, the author needs to be congratulated for putting his ideas into practice. His technique is to discharge a high voltage (tunable) high frequency Tesla coil into a water bath, which may have some components of heavy water. In the video and comments he mentions putting 6000 watts into the water. Further, he notes that the Tesla coil itself gives off Gamma bursts, so that those measured could not be ascribed directly to the fusion process.

I did see no mention of measurement of high energy neutrons (admittedly which is a very difficult thing to measure). The requirement of 750 KV is mentioned often. Is that the potential needed for acceleration of the hydrogen to produce fusion?

The system could certainly be downsized to experiment with. What frequency is being used to resonate in the water? There are other, more stable power systems rather than Tesla coils, which produce a very clean high voltage, high frequency waveform, but with very little amperage. More significantly, such sources would not have Gamma ray emission, so that any detected rays would necessarily come from the fusion process itself.

Suggestions for Mechanism Improvement

On March 25, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert Indech, PhD PE wrote:

Dear Sterling:

In the Azar Fusion model, a Tesla coil discharging between two electrodes in water creates a plasma state following dissociation of the water to hydrogen and oxygen. The intense electric field causes an acceleration of the hydrogen ions toward the negative electrode, at a velocity that may reach relativistic speeds. As any accelerating charged body also emits a magnetic field, so too does the moving proton. The field so generated is akin to that of the magnetic field around a current carrying wire: the magnetic vector is strictly angular, whose magnitude decreases as the inverse square of the distance between the test point and the moving proton. If there is another moving proton nearby with the same vector direction as the first moving proton, then this magnetic field will give rise to a force on the second proton that is directed radially inward to the first proton. A bunching up of the parallel protons, or "squeeze" will occur. These equations and effects are fully described in the inventors "scientific" disclosure.

The inventor makes the leap that the subsequent radial velocity caused by this magnetic bunching effect is sufficient to overcome the natural Coulombic repulsion between these two protons, so much so that fusion will occur. For proton fusion, a velocity equivalent to 200-300 million degrees Kelvin is necessary IN THE RADIAL DIRECTION BETWEEN THE FUSION PROTONS. For deuterium fusion, only 20-30 million degrees Kelvin equivalent velocity. The Telsa coil pulse provides a longitudenal acceleration of the protons it is the magnetic pinch effect that provides the radial acceleration. Thus, simply increasing the intensity of the Tesla coil may achieve a change in longitudenal velocity from .95 to .98 of the speed of light, but the corresponding radial net velocity would not be anywhere near that amount.

It is possible, however, for fusion to occur in isolated regions of the wave pathway between the two electrodes, as an accelerated proton in split water may impact a water molecule just before it has been split in this case the enormous velocity imparted to the proton may be sufficient to overcome the Coulombic barrier. However, this is not a magnetic pinch effect, but it may give rise to some low level evidence of fusion occurring. In this case, one should do an energy balance to see if the net process is economically profitable (i.e. muon based fusion is possible, but not profitable).

The major problem with the Farnsworth Fusor is instability. The Fusor, when operated at fusion levels, with give rise to jets of ions which escape the spherical confining field. Thus, the Fusor fusion is possible, but not profitable. Perhaps this inventor can combine the two technologies, and utilize the magnetic pinch effect to bring stability to the fusion process, thus making the device possible and profitable. That is, utilize a deuterium water source, use a tunable Tesla coil to energize two electrodes, both electrodes set at the output potential of the coil, and surround the electrodes with a grounded open type electrical wire sphere. The AC oscillation induced by the Telsa coil may be sufficient to create stability so that ion jets do not form. Just a suggestion.

Promising Concept

On March 25, 2008, Daniel Bowers wrote:


I will admit that the calculations behind the physics are over my head but I understand magnetic fields, fields of energy, and how it is necessary to smash particles together to capture nuclear energy.

A plasmoid is a stabilized ball of plasma which is contained within its own magnetic field. Chukanov discovered this and along with his work in cold fusion has grasped the concept.

The Bussard Polywell device with concentric magnetic fields is a way to manipulate the flow of the plasma to get the necessary reaction. It was adapted from the Farnsworth–Hirsch Fusor.

After much experience reviewing plasma systems and every type of fusion reactor known to the wiki world and after reviewing the noble fuse technology I have come to a conclusion.

The concepts behind the Azar Fusion device are sound. Sandia National Labs achieved temperatures in excess of 2 billion degrees kelvin which is hot enough to achieve aneutronic fusion of Boron 11. For Mr. Azar to achieve the temperatures and the necessary velocity in order for fusion to occure with hydrogen or deuterium is very much conceivable. 100 to 300 million degrees kelvin in this device seems possible.

Last month you asked me to review a magnetohydrodynamic ocean generator which used the water as the containment field for a solid state magnet generator. Mr. Azar has applied the same principle to his technology utilizing the water to contain the magnetic field. Within this magnetic field electricity is passing at a high speed and the ionized particles get caught in the plasma pinch.

The concept for using a toroid to give increased efficiency is one that is applied in most fusion reactors to date.

The potential for scaleability, the simplicity and reproducability of the Noble Fusion technology gives this system merit when it comes to the development of viable free energy devices.

There are novel concepts with water based fusion reactors when it comes to containment and replenishing fuel. I believe that there is the potential for atmospheric pressure devices and much development that may stem from this technology. My first suggestion would be to employ the concept of the Farnsworth Hirsch Fusor in a heavy water based reaction vessel.

If the technology can be validated it will open the doors to the development of optimized devices. I have many recommendations for alternate configurations in mind but I wil save those for another day.

See also

Directory:Noblefuse Electromagnetic Fusion

Archive:Plasma Messiah Correspondence



- Directory







Thank you to my new friend- I like this persons insight into my ideology-Lighting Fusion where Einstein and Tesla come together. To all the teslaphiles: "not the dielectric of free air- but the dielectric of water")-and for einstein- the Relative strength of the magnetic pinch is a function of the Relative motion of charged particles controlled by power source- "its all relative"-thus Q is controllable-time will tell- hopefully before global war for energy.

Thanks Romey from Solomon

Also see on the you tube -Lightning fusion-noble fusion,by Solomon Sami Azar-this is the first time done in the world and hope+praythat some university repeat his very brave experiment of recreating Marriage{fusion}of hot+cold plasma,where he use1 million volt discharge through pure water+doped with heavy water-it is sort of plasmotron,where the hazard nuclear rods from the water type reactor are remove out and substitute with anode+cathode plates of semiconductor,suspended in the water{pure}of the reactor basin and let the discharge of the high voltage electrical current{750,000-1,000,000}volt from Nicola Tesla coil pass trough it-forming huge corona of plasma discharge,consuming the"vacuum ethereal"energy of the water,splitting the water molecule of two hydrogen+one oxygen atoms and regrouping the electrons and protons to form as byproducts:stable hydrogen,deuterium or tritium atoms and helium atoms{two protons,two neutrons,}the free hydrogen atom combines now,as four hydrogen atoms{first valence}give one stable helium atom of {second valence}consisting of two electrons+two positrons and four neutrons,which bring the magnetic property of helium,for difference of the hydrogen{one proton,one electron of pure electricity.4H=He{four}+2positrons+big energy!Since the air is not empty vacuum,but,sea of electrons and positrons{as Nobel laureate Paul Dirac proofed,and the water is compacted air under high pressure ,due to condensation of the extremely hot steam,after passing of high voltage electric current through the pure water left to the water pressure, become liquid,due to the gravitation,release from the neutrons of free and bound oxygen atoms of the heavy water{in normal reactor}.When two hydrogen nuclei collide{fuse ] together,it is release lot of energy,and the relativistic exited hydrogen plasma then is capable of "pinch effect",responsible further for recombination process,i.e.the new formed helium nuclei consisting of four protons+four neutrons is splitting by fission,again into hydrogen nuclei{only protons+relativistic electrons}.the energy density release by hydrogen fusion is mush bigger,than the energy density as result of nuclear fission of helium,uranium,plutonium,By the hydrogen fusion the two protons of the 2 fusing nuclei must be very close,so that their two electric fields are mutual repulsive,and overcome by the nuclear force field,as a result releasing enormous energy For example the fusion reaction of hydrogen isotopes : one deuterium nuclei {one proton+one neutron}with one tritium nuclei {one proton+two neutrons}gives two protons+two neurones bound as one helium nuclei+3.5MeV energy and one neutron+14.12 MeV energy,so in total the hydrogen fusion deliver17.62MeV energy by aplying the formula of A.Einstein-E=m {square of the speed of light}cthe energy obtain from nuclear reactions is mush bigger,than this which is release from chemical reaction{as was the fake cold fusion of Ponds-Fleishman,which was two palladium rodes in heavy water,but was explosive easy and "Cold fusion, too hot to handle",as the book of Frank Closef rom Oxford,UK.The ionisation energy,for example from free relativistic electron fusing with the H nuclei gives only about 14elecrtonvolts{eV}-almost one million times less energy,than the hydrogen fusion of the nukleosyntesis ,which take place on our Sun.also ont he Sun ,happens the reverse fission of the helium releasing neutrons+hydrogen nuclei's+energy.The fusion of light element as H and his isotopes,gives energy{advantage},but the fission of heavy elements ,as uranium,plutonium,requires energy'If fusion reaction is unsustainable,uncontrolled chain,can lead to thermonuclear explosion{the hydrogen bomb},But in today,s TOKAMAK toroidal device with strong magnets around,make the plasmaof the corona discharge PLTE{partial,local,thermal equilibrium}or stable CORONA model,when,when the plasma diagnostics can be done with Abel integration in the cross section of the plasma column.even that the hydrogen fusion of H,D,T,and the reverse fission or splitting of the produced Helium{tree-four }back to hydrogen atom,nuclei+releasing the neutron and 17.6MeV{millionsof electron volts}it is very difficult to produce+control,and is similar process of our forming of the dual twist of the DNA and reverse the RNA and is the basic of the nukleosyntesis.But if one time controlled,can become the chirpiest,purest environmentally energy source of the future,specially,when our Sun finish the hydrogen ,converted partly or fully in neutron matter ,i.e.the super hot Sun,because is finishing the sidereal year of 26500 years,rotating in Cosmic orbit,and our Sun after the explosion to giant red cold star,will shrink to white dwarf,neutron cold star and finally black hole if ultra dense black hole,where time go to singularity+stop,the matter is maximum,the energy minimum,so that the light become tired around the event horizon of the shrunk dead Sun,now dark matter,and once traped ,cannot escape{looks like real hell for our light being}But for Now we need that Energy,free gift from the Creators for humanity,even because the main fuel is the hydrogen isotope-Deuterium and it is extracted from water{sweet+no impurities for better conducting of the electrical current}Most impressive fact is ,that eight gallons of heavy water replace2500gallons gasoline+the deadly fumes,increasing the pollution,



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