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Shipping is an Obstacle

On Apr. 25, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Adrian Akau, wrote:

I was going to order one set of 20-turbines-with-generator-without-mounting-frame of the plastic microturbines ($210) from Hong Kong but the postage would have been high ($306) so I was discouraged from placing the order. The shipping costs are a real challenge.

Output is low

On Jan. 4, 2008, Herman Zeilstra, wrote:

I live near the sea and always windy. Ordered 40 turbines placed them on my garage.

Output is very low. Only in storm conditions about 16 watts output for 20 turbines.

Statements of Motorwave producing 1-3 kwh per day with 8 turbines is not very correct in urban environment. And the noise of the turbines is very high. They upgraded the turbines with rubber gears but it is still to loud for urban use.

Only order when your house is located in the middle of nowhere and you have full contact with the wind. I really don't understand why they want to sell these turbines to people in the city.

- - - -

On Feb. 2, 2008, inventor, Lucien Gambarota replied:

: Where did you get that we can produce 1 to 3 kWh/day with 8 turbines?

: In our website it is stated that we produce 8 watts ( 0.15 to 0.19 kWh/day for 5 m/s wind speed), or approx 50 watts (1 kWh/day for 10ms wind speed which is the rating and tested in a wind tunnel by the university of Hong Kong ).

: Maybe if you got it wrong you may amend your comments, because people have been asking me why you have made a false statement. Or maybe you found find this in the press or media, but they also said that 20 turbines cost only 25 US$.

: I have also explained to you that the voltage output is non regulated, so when you have very high wind speed you need to connect to a higher battery voltage so your statement that the output is low is not correct. Unless you can provide with a serious protocol testing data, you are expressing a wrong opinion which is defamatory to our company.


On Feb. 7, 2008, User:Zeilsteen wrote

Hello Motorwind,

I felt there was the need for consumers to read about user experience with the motorwind.

I tried to find any test info of users of the motorwind...and they are not online. One buyer in the UK wrote about them and he did not measure the output. I mailed the guy and got no reponse...he stopped his blog that was probably not because of the great output. I've put my output and experience online to inform about my personal measurements. I think its a great idea and like the concept. But it's not suited for everybody because of the noise and low output. (I could hardly light up a 2,4 watt light on 6 volts....with 20 turbines spinning and making noise as if there was major energy comming of)

Maybe in Honk-Kong people don't complain about the noise but its a very loud system for urban use. Thats something people should know.

Its a lot of plastic gear making a lot of friction noise.

Thx and goodluck with the motorwind but the product is to loud for me to put on my roof.

I'll think of other ways of using the 40 turbines. Maybe I'll melt them into some huge toy.

Herman Zeilstra