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RF Plasma listing

From Jay Martin Sept. 3, 2008

Hello, I wanted to send this to you directly to ask where the AtmoPlas information went to from your site? I was first made aware of it, wherein they were using low-power microwave energy (1.3 to 2.3-Kw) to heat a plasma gas to nearly 2,000-degrees Fahrenheit at normal atmospheric pressures. I found this uniquely interesting as I had been working on the redesign of a Stirling engine and thought it would be unique to have this plasma 'heater' used in place of the combustor. If the Stirling could be coupled to a 5-Kw generator, that energy would be directed to the heating of the plasma, which in turn could provide sufficient heat (at lower-power useage) to the Stirling engine. This would be a closed-loop system and, although it would have to have an external power-source at the initial start-up, the system could run without external inputs after the Stirling engine was brought up to operating speed.

I can find no projects into closed-loop systems of this design on your site and was wondering if you were aware of anyone, not a company, that might be pursuing projects of this nature. In ending I want to add that I feel you have a tremendous website. I check it several times daily and am enthused about the research and reports you are doing and commend you for your time and troubles. Thank you.