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Well, I have to admit to being stunned. Yes, stunned is a good word for having all these years overlooked the obvious fact that generators can output more power than they consume by the simple expedient of putting 'a lamp device' in one of its circuits. Plus, now don't forget this critical innovation, making a 'loop between the alternator, electric motor and the first inverter'. That's it folks, that's what the patent office supposedly gave a patent on... I guess perhaps the third grade class report on 'All About Electricity' that forms the supposed patent's 'BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION' section, just so overwhelmed the patent examiners with its stunning elegance (elegance being defined as the art of being simple) probably had a lot to do with winning their approval. I couldn't find any mention of the alleged claim that the device "uses positive electrical charges from the atmosphere to generate power", but perhaps that lamp device is actually a Beaty 'Energy-sucking' Radio Antenna, aka a Tesla Ionic/Cosmic Ray Power Receiver.


"For the first inverter 40 , one output feeds into the electric motor 30 to provide to the motor and alternator combination. The other output feeds into a lamp device 60 . The lamp device is a 60-watt AC lamp. This lamp device alters the current traveling from the inverter 40 such that the current feeding into the electric motor 30 is not purely inductive. Although, FIG. 1 shows a lamp device, other loads can be used to accomplish this same altering tasks."

"The key aspect of the present invention is the loop between the alternator 20, electric motor 30 and the first inverter 40 . A portion of the power generated by the electric motor is recycled and is used to power the electric motor. In this way the system produces the power internally that is used to power the system. This concept makes this system a self-power generating system."

(31 July 2008 Charles Kurtz)