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Talk:Directory:Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System

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Latest: Directory:Geothermal > Directory:Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System (Interview) - Bruce Marshall has filed a patent for a hydrothermal system that would harness the vast energy available from deep sea hydrothermal vents in which water seeps into near-surface magma, where it is continuously heated and ejected through vents at around 750 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot water and minerals would be brought to the surface to turn turbines. (PESWiki Oct. 22, 2009) (Comment)


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Sending Power via Light is Absurd

On October 22, 2009, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Eric Krieg wrote:

I have worked with fiber optics for years. I can tell you that Marshall's "invention" of sending power as photons down pipes is just absurd. I've gotten maybe a few watts down fiber that is made to handle it - but the idea is silly. There is no simple way to convert huge amounts of power into light. Light sets up self interference patterns and has large losses down long lengths of anything even on media designed to promote its flow . . . . . and there is no simple way to turn light back into power. I like the idea of tapping undersea geo power - there is a lot of energy there and all the minerals - but the guy lost all credibility with me when he just shoots from the hip with his power transmission idea.