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Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Directory:River Energy / Directory:Water >Directory:Markovic SP River Pump - This innovative pump system by Slovenian inventor, Vladimir Markovic, works in relatively slow and shallow moving water (rivers) to pump water for irrigation pump air into the water to oxygenate and clean up a river or to pump water for driving an electric generator. (PESWIki Oct. 13, 2008)


Top 10 Material

On October 09, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Former Member:Mark Anthony Dansie wrote:

"If manufactured using modern materials and production methods, this is real top 10 material.

I did some math and replacing the pumps with sealed submerged genset could supply huge volumes of electricity at install costs less than wind turbines."

Nice Job on Page

From Vladimir Markovic October 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Pritchett,

Thank you very much for your mail from Friday 10th of October. Specially I was astonished with beautiful presentation of my invention and up to now from all people which received my written materials I must confess that you are the only one who really understood what are the main points of SP units: extremely high efficiency and can’t be seen in water from river banks or anywhere else. Apart from that we invited more ecologists and specialists for protection of flora and fauna and due to extremely slow rotation of SP units (in average each circle in 4- 6 seconds) all those experts were extremely satisfied.

In the clip you can find a short video of our second prototype but please remember: up to this moment we had only this video available on the way that everybody can see how our SP unit is operating. Here, complete unit was placed on the ramp and slowly pushed into the water and not placed on the bottom of the river but very near to the surface. On that way it is possible to see how it works. The rest of movies with more sophisticated SP units which were placed on the bottom of the river practically nothing can be recognized with exception of much larger hose, stronger water pressure and larger water quantity. For the end of this week we intend to make a new movie using submergible camera which will slowly travel from the top of the water to the bottom and than back to the surface.

Inside of your text you are interested to know approximately prices of our SP units: by experiences with very different pumps today we can say that price can vary between 3,500 USD and (equipped with power generator) up to 11,000 USD.

Regarding objection from Mr. Mark Dansie inside of your comments we would like to inform you that all our designs of SP units are made from INOX materials and if aluminum or steel are present they are always protected with micro - granulate high frequency chataphoresis and absolutely resistant to oxidation.

You can find our short movie also on our homepage:

Thank you very much for everything you have done and just for your information, up to this moment from all producers of classic (but floating) systems we did not received any kind of comment or answer. At the same time we are receiving answers from different people from FAO, UNDP and UNESCO, with opinion that there is nothing new in our SP unit. They “know” that - because since years they are using “similar” designs from practically 18 existing producers of floating devices. About nearly 10 times larger efficiency, much more convenient design, much larger ability to be used on different places (min. 1,4 m of water depth), etc., they do not have any comments. So, it seems to be that all this is only confirming a rules of our – inventors destiny in century 21st.

However please receive my compliments about your professional work, best regards,

Vladimir Markovic

Best Water-Pumping Tech

On Oct. 15, 2008, schinks wrote:

Probably the best invention so far according to water pumping!