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The engineering, design, application and installation of Coolerado's unique air-conditioning systems offer more flexibility and change than the air-conditioning world has seen in decades, using the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle).


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Message from Maisotsenko

From Valeriy Maesotsenko Aug 21, 2008:

Subject: Green Renewable Energy from Atmospheric Air for Producing Power and Cold: The Maisotsenko Cycle for reducing energy consumption (>5-8 times) and pollution (>10 times)

Dear Mr. Robert Pritchett:

I was happy to meet you at ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerqkue, NM.

Today, with oil climbing toward more $120 a barrel, renewable energy is the future for the developing world.I would like to send you the information about the Maisotsenko Cycle, which makes the nation and the world more energy efficient. For example, it can be successfully utilized for the different Renewable Energy Policy Projects and Green Building Initiative that construct zero-energy buildings for every type of use: etc.

You will find the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) to be the best and economically superior GREEN technology. This technology allows for production of cold, power, drinking water and many others applications, all based on the most efficient heat recovery process by utilizing atmospheric air through the M-Cycle.

Also, using this cycle together with solar radiation and wind energy technologies gives significant opportunity for many applications.

For example, our product, the Solar Coolerado Cooler R600 (it uses the Maisotsenko Cycle) can cool a 2,500 square foot space and only uses about 700 watts of power. That means it only needs four, 200 watt photovoltaic panels to power it. A traditional compressor based air conditioner would require 20 to 40 solar panels to harvest enough solar energy to power the system.

Energy from Atmospheric Air through the M-Cycle is the cheapest form of green energy.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published the FEMP review (DOE/GO-102007-2325): “Coolerado Cooler Helps to Save Cooling Energy and Dollars? (Shortcut to:

The Coolerado Cooler utilizes the Maisotsenko Cycle, which uses air as resource of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy is advance world energy goal to change the way we power our homes, businesses, and cars.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the USA primary laboratory for renewable energy and it recommends the Maisotsenko Cycle, which “significantly reduces electric demand for cooling applications?.

Atmospheric air is a clean renewable energy source, and it can be used for many applications, using the Maisotsenko Cycle or M-Cycle a revolutionary new breakthrough in thermodynamics (U.S. Patents No 6,497,10 7 6,581,402 6,705,096 6,776,001 6,779,351 6,854,278 6,948,558 7,007,453 7,197,887 7,228,669 etc.).

High degree of thermodynamic perfection of the M-Cycle allows atmospheric air to be cooled (without humidification) not the wet-bulb temperature, but the dew point temperature, and it increases psychrometric temperature difference and, consequently, energy resource of the atmospheric air.

The M-Cycle has transitioned into the Coolerado Cooler from the conceptual stage to commercial applications which offers up to an 80% reduction of power for air conditioning of homes, commercial, and industrial buildings. The Coolerado Cooler has gained U. S. Federal recognition through the agencies of the Department of Energy at NREL and FEMP. Our coolers fall into a new category of an “ultra? class cooler because of our extreme energy efficiency and ability to cool air below the wet bulb temperatures without compressor and CFC-ozone depletion.

The Maisotsenko Cycle could revolutionize the energy efficiency of fluid heaters and generators for enhanced heat recovery (30% +) from today's best steam generators and water and air heaters, simultaneously reducing emissions (up to 7-10 times). Only this application of the Maisotsenko Cycle can lead to billions of dollars in energy saving for U.S. companies and customers.

Our apparatuses (for example, Coolerado Cooler) through the M-Cycle can recover much more heat from the solar generator by the most simple and cheap way.

In addition, the M-Cycle’s cooling capacity increases (instead of decreases) when the incoming temperature of the air being cooled increases. These unique properties make the M-Cycle ideal for application with solar heat even with low potential solar heat, which it is impossible to utilize for other purposes.

Solar heat and wind energy can be efficient transferred through the M-Cycle (much better than using any existing systems and cycles) for producing cold or power, or the potable water, etc.

It is possible with solar heat, using desiccant technology, to produce the unique air conditioner, which is five times more energy efficient than the best conventional air coolers, and it can work in any climate zone of the Earth without expenses of water or produce distilled water and etc. Using solar panels and wind energy for the M-Cycle, it is possible to produce the solar powered air conditioner and besides, to increase efficiency existing solar panels, using exhaust working air for their cooling.

Today the M-Cycle assists Federal agencies reach their energy-use reduction goals and it has been successfully tested and researched for cooling applications by NREL (FEMP), SMUD, Delphi, PG&E, Sanwa (Japan), etc. Since then, this product received wide recognition from all over the world: Coolerado Cooler won the International 2004 R&D 100 award, the US Green Builder 2006 Top Ten Product award, and the 2007 Sustainable Business Silver Medal of Honor award, the History Channel and Invent Now Award 2007, and just recently, the BUILDING PRODUCTS Top 100 Winner for 2008.

Coolerado air conditioners can be found in markets around the world- in Japan, Europe, and South America, Singapore as well as in the USA from Washington to Florida.

The M-Cycle is also the enabling technology around our prototype evaporative refrigerant condenser and is 60 percent more efficient than today's best condensers.

Using the M-Cycle through the Cooleardo Cooler for refrigerant compression system (for example, the Desert CoolAire unit), it could be operated with an energy efficiency ratios (EER) of 25+, which is about two times more energy efficient than the best conventional air conditioning compression systems.

However, this is only the first of many practical applications that the M-Cycle can be applied towards in reducing total energy consumption and pollution by increasing thermal transferal efficiencies.

The proven M-Cycle relies on atmospheric air as its renewable clean energy source. All of these power generation technologies can be improved through the M-Cycle (see attachment). For instance, the M-Power Cycle enabled combustion engine will reduce environmental pollution from 75% to 95%, reduce fuel consumption by 25% to 40%, and have a minimum thermal efficiency of 55%

(Shortcut to:

Also, the M- Power Cycle should have many applications for increasing the efficiency of power systems because it utilizes the best heat recovery process for various forms of combustion engine. Today the M-Power Cycle promises better and cleaner generation technologies (see our U.S. Patents No 6,948,558 and 7,007,453).

The unique properties of the M-Cycle makes it the ideal candidate for advanced energy efficient vehicles and fuel cells, power plant systems and micro scale power plants, improve energy efficiency of buildings and solar, thermal, and wind energy based technologies.

I believe it is a very logical step to extend the proven M-cycle heat and mass transfer technology towards environmentally-friendly and energy efficiency technologies for zero-energy buildings.

Please allow me a brief introduction of our companies. Idalex Inc. and Coolerado LLC are emerging technology firms. We have patented the M-cycle for many practical applications.

The world leader in automotive thermal technology Delphi Corp. has since license the manufacturing right to produce the special heat and mass exchanger, which realizes the M-Cycle, and has begun to mass-produce this product (Coolerado Cooler) for stationary building air conditioning, vehicular air conditioning, etc.

I am convinced that the M-Cycle will provide world with an opportunity for rapid development of new renewable energy technologies for cleaner environment and greater energy independence.

There may be a mutual beneficial relationship we can develop.

For more information about the M-Cycle, please visit our web sites at and


Dr., Prof. Valeriy Maisotsenko

Chief Scientist,

Idalex Technologies Inc.

4700 W. 60th Ave., #3

Arvada, CO 80003,

Phone: 303-375-0878, ext.106

Fax: 303-375-1693

email: vm {at}

Las Vegas animal shelter uses Coolerado

On July 17, 2009, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Gary Vesperman wrote:

The Lied animal shelter here in Las Vegas, Nevada employs the Coolerado technology to cool their animal pens. The shelter's web site is

Last August John Martens, a trained HVAC technician, and I toured the facility, univited. We climbed ladders to get up on the roof to look at the heat exchanger towers. We managed to coax an employee to unlock and show us the Coolerado control room. Since it was a typically hot 100+ Las Vegas summer afternoon, we carefully examined the temperatures and air flows of the dog and cat pens.

We came away satisfied that the Coolerado was adequately keeping the pens cool enough to be tolerable by the animals. However, I vaguely remember that John spotted a possible improvement.

Searching their web site's videos and photos, the best description I could find of their Coolerado implementation was the "hybrid ventilation concept" portion of

If anyone wants to call and ask technical questions about the shelter's Coolerado, I would call either the shelter's architect or the Coolerado company in Arvada, Colerado.

Notice in the videos and photos that the shelter also has an array of about a dozen large photovoltaic arrays mounted above the walkways on columns between the buildings.

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