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The Magnetic Air Car uses three on-board substations to harness compressed air. The resulting airflow is channeled, modulated, and converted to torque that propels the car.



--User:Kcameron 15:50, 16 October 2008 (PDT)

There's a small chance that they're a bunch of misguided, uneducated, amatuers who don't understand enough engineering and physics to know why their project is doomed. However, I believe that it's almost certainly a scam. This kind of fraud targets the "why can't I attach a generator to the wheels of my electric car and use it to charge the batteries?" crowd. However, since that one is easily refuted, they combine several devices into their complex fictional device so that layman has a more difficult time seeing why it's impossible.

One of the clearest signs they're committing fraud is that they spout several claims each of which would represent a major scientific breakthrough. If these claims were true, it would be far more natural to demonstrate them separately and make a huge scientific splash rather than try and package them into a flashy car. Just proving a working "magnetic motor" might well earn them a Nobel prize.

Here are some examples of pure gibberish:

"The air flow is then tubocharged [sic] ..." - this makes no sense.

"and multiplied ..." - creating air?.

"to where the resulting horse-pressureā„¢ smoothly powers the car" - just plain funny.

"to incredible speeds" - I agree with the "incredible" part.

"The problem they had, besides the air tanks, was once they got to speed, how do you throttle the engine." - More nonsense. All air cars that I'm aware of have perfectly good throttling systems. The biggest problems are the low energy density of compressed air and the low efficiencies of the air motors and compressors.

Here's another funny bit:

"The inside of the cabin will be recycled with clean filtered air." - After all this talk of magnetic motors and horse-pressure, etc, they find it necessary to discuss the fictional car's cabin air conditioning?

Poor engineering decisions:

"Three Turbochargers, driven externally, changes the turbine into a compressor. Now both sides of the Turbo are compressors." - the turbine side of a turbocharger makes a poor compressor.

"The frictionless, oil-less bearing have now evolved as air bearings". Why bother developing air bearings when there are so many other, much more important, design problems to deal with? Plain oiled bearings have been working in turbochargers for decades.

There's more hogwash in the writings but the pattern is clear. They're trying to take advantage of gullible, green-minded, relatively rich people here in silicon valley.

For the record, I'm not anti-green. I'm open to new ideas, drive an electric car, and have a large photovoltaic array on my roof.

Utter Nonsense

--Penny Gruber 23:06, 15 October 2008 (PDT)

Long on BS, short on science. This has all the markings of a scam, a badly conceived scam. EOS.

Confused Claims

It mixes up terminology and copies other peoples claims, both are bad signs. Besides the simple fact that it breaches three laws of physics and another in chemistry. Any power source must contain the energy claimed in either a known form or new form. The former is not demonstrated in this case but they seem to be making such a claim. The compressed air system is not a power source just a transmission. Compressing air generates heat. It is theoretically possible to capture that heat in an expansion cycle but that just returns most of the air back to atmospheric pressure at a greater temperature so it resist compression more than previously. Air or heat must leave the system to produce cold compressed air in any usable quantity. They must be miss measuring something to be doing what they claim.

The silicon battery can't be the power source because silicon is a poor option for battery technology. It could be a silicon air cell similar to an aluminum air or zinc air cell. If they have that at any reasonable density that would be useful but if they had that then why trumpet the air transmission? If they have a magnetic motor again why trumpet the air transmission? Again the claimed energy source, zero point energy, is ill described with no real defense of the idea.

They also mix up ground level pollution with green house pollution. At ground level its Ozone, nitrates and unburnt hydrocarbons. An air filter with catalysts would capture those but not CO2 so its not a direct greenhouse, CO2 capture technology. It would reduce the CO2 production if it worked at all.

Generally there are too many questions avoided and too much miss use of terminology. Trying to hide a magnetic motor breakthrough behind a set of so obviously wrong headed claims about how it works is bad policy.

If I had a magnetic motor or cold fusion cell [etc] but wanted to hide it from the powers-that-be I would build a car with a small tank, enough for 1 hour at 60kmh, call the magnetic motor an on board charger that runs while the thing is parked. Adding a solar cell would help. That claim would be convincing and would in all probability slip through hiding the breakthrough from the men in [oily] black. Not that I believe in men in [oily] black.

Wesleybruce 16:57, 15 October 2008 (PDT)