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Talk:Directory:Magna Coaster Motor Company

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Directory:Magna Coaster Motor Company - Canadian company claims to have an over-unity generator that produces electric power without using fuel. The design involves a solid state system with some very high-powered permanent magnets and some specially-wound coils, along with some proprietary circuitry that pulses and convertes a high-frequency high-voltage current. A lead acid battery bank serves both as the input and the output.


AC input/output throws results into question

On June 26, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauen wrote:

AC or DC? If AC, the measurements could be out the window by phase angle discrepancies that result in phantom power calculations that reflect reactive power along with true power.

Convince the Famous FE Skeptic

On July 12, 2009, New Energy Congress member Congress:Member:Eric Krieg wrote:

There is nothing new about this company. I've seen dozens of such claims over the last 12 years. There are very common power mismeasurement mistakes that lead people to believing they have an over unity machine. Directory:Joseph Newman Motor has also claimed imminent mass production of such systems for more than 30 years now. I don't claim to know which people are mistaken and which are knowingly operating a criminal enterprise. My open offer to all these companies and now magnacoaster via this email is:

: "If you really do have a power multiplier or something that makes net energy out of nothing, then your device would usher in a golden new age of cheap energy. It would greatly turn around our dying world economy, reduce pollution, roll back global warming and help every people group except a small number of oil producing countries who tend to hate us. But what stands between you and massive wealth and world adoration is credibility. You must have a problem of being considered delusional or out right crooks by the majority of people you deal with. Allow me to take part in a simple test that would give you instant credibility and help you more clearly stand apart from a pathetic century of history of crooks and kooks who pretty much have been regularly making the same claim as you. Please take a look at my open $10,000 offer for real proof of one of these things at:

: "Far more useful than just the 10k from me would be the positive media exposure I could get you. I have gotten many TV and newspaper stories done about free energy claims for years and the producers always tell me that they would jump on a story about me actually finding one to really work."