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A Joe Cell Variant with Patents - Introduction and index of works by Professor Kanarev, includes five patents, several books about how water can be the main power carrier of future power engineering. Some processes described resemble those being attributed to the Joe cell.


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Excerpts from Letters to Kanarev (doc) - posted July 7, 2007

On May 8, Ken Rasmussen, of New Energy Congress, wrote:

His technical paper "Low Current Electrolysis of Water" has the most relevant numbers.

But it is a just an abbreviated portion of his larger report on "Cold Fusion and the Electrolysis of Water"

Which is a segment of his 400+ page work titled "The Foundations of Physchemistry of the Microworld."

I quite agree, the press reports are way too simplified, and his documentation quite extensive.

The 2 items that made me rate his work so highly are:

1) he appears to have traveled on the same (or very similar) path my own firm researched and came up with very similar results, over 1000 X performance over conventional electrolysis

2) he has essentially rewritten what we thought we knew about photosynthesis. His quote: "Involuntarily, the results being obtained form an aspiration to find an analogy of the described low ampere process of water electrolysis in Nature.

It is known that carbon dioxide CO2 is absorbed during photosynthesis. It is considered that carbon C of the molecule CO2 is used for plant cell construction, and oxygen O2 is released. Now we have every reason to doubt at it and to suppose that the molecule CO2 is used totally for plant cell construction. Water molecules release oxygen the hydrogen atoms of water molecules are used as connecting links of the molecules, from which the plant cells are constructed."

But like most academics, he naively thought just proving a concept would create a parade of cash rich companies rushing to his door. Oblivious of the oil monopoly around the world, even in Russia. The challenge/plight we all face.

I would like to see this Kanarev Electrolysis technology presented at the annual Teslatech Conference! Plasma - Fusion Physics is the greatest catylist that I've seen yet to provide the kick in the but for hydrogen production!

I give this one 10 Stars!

The late Eugene Mallove would be very proud!

---Gary Voss

TAP-TEN Research

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