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Directory:Concentrated Solar Power / Directory:Stirling Engines > Directory:InfiniaCorp' - Infinia's solar technology entails a parabolic dish that focuses the sun's energy onto their stirling engine that uses helium in a hermetically sealed system, requiring no lubrication inside the machine, nor maintenance. (PESWiki Feb. 21, 2008)



May 27, 2008. Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan and Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett were escorted by Seth Poulson (Sales Division) during a walkthrough of the Infinia Corporation facilities in Kennewick, WA and saw two "production-ready" systems (one being tested for computer control and operation and the other being mounted). We signed the NDAs and looked at the various stages of prototyping and near-final units. We dropped by a week later for a quick visit to pick up brochures.

Interview with Jim Clyde

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I interviewed Jim Clyde in August for the September 2007 issue of macCompanion magazine and arranged to have Seth Poulson and Rocco Luongo come and speak at the Alternative Energy User Group meeting in January 2008 in Richland, WA. The 2nd prototype is outside the west end of the Infinia Corp building in Kennewick, WA. It rests on a single pole and tracks the sun. If the wind is higher than around 25 MPH, the dish will go into rest mode with the unit face down to protect itself. Full-scale production of the Infinia Solar Stirling Engine is set to begin in November 2008.