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Talk:Directory:Hydristor Corporation

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Ardeshir Mehta, in an email to Tom Kasmer, has suggested to combine the Hydristor with the Mighty Yet Tiny engine, which is also featured on PESWiki:

"I just came to know yesterday of your Hydristor invention, and I think it is every bit as wonderful as you say it is! Congratulations.

(I am an inventor myself with over 30 inventions to my credit, and as a result was immediately able to appreciate the immense value of your invention.)

I do hope you will consider combining your invention with that of Raphial Morgado, the MYT ("Mighty Yet Tiny") engine, of which you can see some details at:,,


I think coupled with the MYT engine, your invention could make the best cars on the roads today as obsolete as the horse-and-buggy! (The MYT engine works beautifully on compressed air as well as an internal combustion engine, so it and the Hydristor are a match made in heaven.)"

Note: I am not sure whether we need permission to quote or post this, as it is basically a personal communication.

Vortexpower 12:46, 25 Nov 2007 (EST)