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HORTONG (E=mc2) is a new process of transformation of energy with allegedly no need to use radioactive material to obtain the loosening of energy of the orbit of the electron.


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The following statements were posted at Jerry Decker's


Stefan Hartmann writes "Adolf Schneider (from Net-Journal Magazine) in Switzerland is holding a conference with these guys from et3m soon. They want to be distributor for Switzerland (Europe) for this technology. Until the conference they keep all other things quiet," he wrote. / Myron W. Evans work, focuses on atomic level physics, including "development of energy ex vacuo, theory and patented devices, and the theory of general unified field theory of sub atomic particles, with applications to nuclear waste stabilization." (Looking at the Free Energy Chip image which shows 4 disconnected meters, then 4 connected meters attached to a 'black box' which is apparently intended to operate the two AC fans. I doubt the 'black box' is extracting AC from the vacuum unless it is rectified and stored as DC to be fed into an internal INVERTER circuit which would provide 60hz for the fan motors. Unfortunately, the site provides no details as to power produced or components used. - JWD)

03/27/06 - Free Energy Chip

I received this information from Duncan at Nexus Magazine. {...}

The theoretical concepts behind the invention seem to be originating from research by a man named Myron Evans. He is said to have finally come up with a unified field theory, basing his own research on Einstein and Elie Cartan. Here's a website, that discusses him:

It seems that the invention has come a long way, definitely not out of nowhere.

There's a company, that is currently drumming up people worldwide to throw in venture capital into this, named EAVCF/Euro-American Venture Capital Federation, based in Oregon, USA.

The colleagues from Net Journal (, a magazine around all things with free energy, seem to be heavily involved in the European marketing. They could probably tell you more. They might also be knowledgeable about where you could find a contact in the Southern Hemisphere.

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