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Magnetic Water Softener Comments

I was getting very tired of hauling salt bags for the water softener. I neglected it until the salt ran out and the water turned hard. The water in the shower wasn't slippery anymore, and I didn't get as many suds as before. I had seen ads for magnetic gasoline gadgets and articles saying they didn't work. Later I found an article that said motors are made by moving copper coils through a magnetic field, so magnets might affect fluid that conducts electricity (water, but not gasoline). I found the Magna Flexx web site and decided to try it, since it only cost an amount equal to several bags of salt. One magnet goes on the cold water line coming into the house and another on the hot water outlet from the tank. At first I didn't notice any difference. Then on the third day I got more suds in the shower. Again on the fourth day there were suds. The water still wasn't slippery like with the salt conditioner, but it was good enough. The old salt water softener wasn't connected to the cold water line to the bathroom. After awhile I noticed the toilet didn't get as much scale buildup around the water line. Bonus! If the water sits in the hot tank when I am away for a few days, it takes a day to get soft again, but I can live with that. Eventually I unplugged the salt system, so I'm saving electricity and the cost of salt. Most of all, I no longer have to haul those heavy bags of salt. Free at last!

Several months later - It doesn't seem to be working anymore. What happened? Time to try a catalyst system.