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Image:HansColerMagnetromapparata95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solid State Generators >Directory:Hans Coler Magnetic Power Apparatus - The "magnetromapparata" was invented in 1933 primarily by Captain Hans Coler of Germany. The device required no apparent outside power sources to function. It involved magnets to generate electricity without any source of input power other than the space energy of Nature's quantum invisible world. (PESWiki Nov. 2, 2008)


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Information left out of the British Intelligence Report


This PDF includes what may be a photograph of an original Magnetstrom-Apparat made by Coler.


" The device had a radio active coating this information may have been left out of the British Intelligence Report where my information came from. It seems that other free energy devices from that time Hubbard and Hendershot among them may have had radium included in those devices according to some. Usually the wiring is coated with a radium chloride or the likes to reduce resistance to practically zero. Also, if it is used in a capacitor, it then acts more like a semiconductor. Using it in the core's of transformers does the same as the wiring trick plus a little more. As far as an antenna type of scenario, the wire now ionizes the surrounding air around the antenna wire like a bubble that is saturated to the max, thus any input from the atmosphere or anything, adds its energy to it. Steve claims that he has done it and it works! As far as experiments go. He did simple things like measure the resistance of a piece of wire and then did it again with the radium chloride. More times than not, the resistance was zero or a negative deflection. OH, BY THE WAY, STEVE SAYS DO NOT USE DIGITAL METERS, the capacitors act like semiconductors as stated earlier and the meter will go on the fritz for a few days before returning to normal. I promise! I set up another experiment where it was a complete circuit and then made a one inch gap and placed a vial of radium chloride about another inch away from the gap and the circuit continued to function! Anyone can do this and will get the same results."