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Patented process uses algae to consume greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fueled power plants, giving off pure oxygen and water vapor. Light from concentrated solar panels is conducted into the algae chambers via fiber optics. Once the algae grows to maturity, it is harvested for conversion into ethanol and biodiesel fuels.


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Algae is the cheapest way to capture the carbon in flue gasses yet why do people keep calling algae oil CO2 sequestration? If you burn the oil the CO2 winds up in the atmosphere. At best your getting the CO2 to do double duty before it gets into the atmosphere. If the Algae oil is used to fuel the powerplant that makes the CO2 for the photobioreactor then that's a closed cycle that is CO2 neutral.

But that's not what their all saying they are talking of CO2 from coal and carbon credits etc.

If the algae is used to fertilise a farm as a soil conditioner then that will sequester the Carbon as humus. Livestock feed will do a little of both, Carbon from the metabolism in to the air, Carbon from the manure into the soil. I believe algae will become the new key to dry lands farming producing stock feed in the deepest drought. An option is to bury it in ice or down a coal mine as dry powder but don't burn it.

I think Algae oil will do wonders and will be a key answer to greenhouse. Cheap algae farming will also be a major key to feeding the world and restoring the worlds soils but its not a CO2 sequestration technology if you burn the oil.

Soil carbon is stable for 50 to 100 years. You can sequester about 7 ton a ha per year in some organic farming systems.

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