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Nuclear Plants Contribute to Warming

See Al Gore's latest discussion on Rethinking the Climate over at and then read the comments on his presentation. See [ Bob Carter's YouTube presentation on Climate Chagne (Thanks Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett) (April 12, 2008)

On Oct. 23, 2007, Tom Kasmer wrote:

There is a growing discussion about

building new nuclear power plants as a solution to

global warming because there is no emission of CO2 and

no burning implied as a clean solution to the


We are aware of the radioactive waste and take great

pains to store it in 'safe places' designed to be

viable for 50,000 years. Nobody is mentioning the

contribution of nuclear power to global warming. All

nuclear power plants generate huge amounts of heat due

to the cooling required. There have been occassional

reports about fish kills in rivers and lakes due to

the heat discharge.

CO2 gas results in the atmospheric

trapping of solar heat which is heating up the oceans.

Nuclear hot water discharge directly

heats the water! What is the difference?

Reply: Think Cooling Towers (recycling heat instead of wasting it) and settling ponds, Brown's Gas for neutralizing radiation (see Video:Hydrogen). (Thanks Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett)

Oxygen Loss

Global warming is effectively reducing the oxygen content of our atmosphere, some of which is locked up in the increased levels of CO2, but this does not account for the total loss of oxygen.

Moisture rising from the earth is being bled off into space, where the molecules of water are broken down by the radiation of the sun into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is dispersed into space as is most of the oxygen, but some of the oxygen is believed to fall back to earth according to NASA.

It is my opinion that this fall back is highly unlikely and that this loss of oxygen to space may account for most of the lost oxygen.

Since 1989, a decline in the oxygen content of the earth's atomosphere has been documented and should this trend continue we are in for a very difficult time.

A mere 5% of the loss is attributed to the rise in CO2, while as much as 95% is unaccounted for.

Some scientists point to deforestation, but the forests were in decline long before 1989, while the flow of oxygen from the oceans still remains fairly stable.

I would suggest that global warming is in fact accelerating the outflow of moisture into space, which is effectively lowering the oxygen content of our atmosphere.

This is perhaps the greatest single threat that global warming has produced to date and represents a critical consideraton in respect to our future existence on this planet.

Global warming is a real and present danger.

I suggest that the sun is responsible for global warming and have posted information on this subject on my web pages linked to Gravity Control

Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Warming a Product of Natural Cycle

Global warming is not the product of human industry, but the product of a natural cycle.

There is as Einstein once suggested an underlying force of energy affecting the form and function of all physical structure, whereby there is only once true force. All else can be considered dynamic responses to the underlying force, which to some is known as non-linear time field frequency acceleration.

In relation to the earth/sun system, both the underlying energy of the sun and earth are increasing at an accelerative rate, but at much different rates. So we have a non-uniform differential in the underlying dynamics of the earth and sun. Fortunately the non-uniformity factor is focused toward the sun, in terms of the earth/sun system, otherwise we would be quickly burned to a cinder.

It is this non-uniform differential which allows the earth to circle the sun in a relatively stable orbit, but should this differential itself become unstable so would the stability of the earth's orbit.

The sun does not radiate energy per se, but the underlying energy of the sun which is focused to the solar core provides for an isometric outflow of radiant resistance, which allows for the warming of our earth and as the rate of outflow increases in proportion to the inflow of energy to the solar core we can anticipate that our planet will feel the effects in the form of global warming.

However, there are limitations to a balanced earth/sun system, as the increasing differential in the energy of the earth and sun will eventually lead to a displacement of the earth from its present orbit into an orbit further removed from the sun.

Human activity is incapable of affecting the energy differential of the earth/sun system as suggested by Gore even though I support a clean air policy. Clean air has nothing to do with global warming though, as the underlying dynamics of the solar field system are determined on the basis of energy differentials existing between all systems.

For more on this try Gravity Control