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Waking a Sleeping Volcanic Giant?

On August 24, 2008 3:47 AM MST, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Former Member:Daniel Bowers wrote:

Can't erupt? Drilling

holes near magma in highly active geological regions can't be one of

the better ideas humans have come up with. "Slow Magma" can turn into

fast magma. San Andreas fault is due at any time. Living in

California with the knowledge that we are sitting on these fault

lines and the Ring of Fire. I say "leave the ground alone"!

We have 1100 miles of coast, thousands of square miles of desert, 80

million tons of usable biomass annually, one of the best wind regions

in the world out by Palm Springs. There are better ways!

My friend is head of the Los Angeles Young Peoples Democratic

Committee. I will get every college student, rich democrat, you name

it, to keep these jerks from drilling more holes in my state.

Two words! BAD IDEA! In no way is this original. Are we really going

to let some stock broker dominate our perception?

I am working on the Ten Year Energy Plan and in no way will I include

geothermal. Geothermal power increases geological activity.

Global warming has already effected geology and will continue to do

so. I recommend looking up isostatic rebound.

Are we trying to wake the giant?

Why don't we just drop a stick of dynamite down Old Faithful and see

if she erupts. Most people don't know that Yellowstone is a giant

volcano. There is plenty of energy in Yellowstone for us to capture.

Not to mantion all of the oil shale in Colorado and Idaho.

Wind, solar, biomass, off shore wave energy, aneutronic fusion, run

of river hydro. These are non invasive means of capturing limitless

amounts of energy without the high risk of other alternatives.

What is needed is a means of storing energy and that may just be in

the Ring Power Multiplier.

100 square miles of offshore linear wave generators can power the

entire state of California. That is 10 x 10 miles and there isn't one

in operation.

Build a factory to mass produce the things and cut through the red


Playing with Magma

In response to Daniel's comments, above, on August 24, 2008 7:55 AM MST, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett wrote:

Please read our section on Directory:Geothermal. It is a known technology and it certainly hasn't hurt Iceland or the US where it is used today.

I tend to agree with your concern about playing with Magma and garnering funds to play with fire though. Too unstable and too dangerous. Heat vents and harnessing heat from tunneling way below the earth' s surface in existing mines makes much more sense.

In Central America, in order to relieve active volcanoes from explosive eruptions, they scrape the volcanic surface to let the lava flow. Some geothermal attempts at harnessing energy there were not successful. Perhaps because they were messing with nature at active volcanoes instead of setting up shop at existing hot springs.

The US has one of the largest utilizations of Geothermal in the world, but we have hardly scratched the surface here (pun intended).

Geothermal Less Unstable Than Buying Oil from Combatant Nations

On August 24, 2008 8:56 AM MST, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor wrote:

If the United States does not switch to 'natural' means of 'perpetual motion' (Newton's first law of motion) then the United States is finished as an independent nation..........(it is that simple). If we keep buying oil from other nations, we will continue to be involved in wars, and our dollar will continue to devalue. Nikola Tesla harnessed the 'perpetual motion' of Niagara Falls enabling the uninterrupted continuation of alternating current to power cities (Buffalo and others). Hoover Dam and the TVA have provided vast amounts of 'alternating current' in this same manner. We can also harness the 'perpetual motion' of other modalities that the Earth provides freely in other locations using wind, solar, geothermal, rivers, oceans, etc.

We cannot afford exotic means of energy generation, they are too expensive, costly and in some cases dangerous.

The Control Paradigm has seen to it that 'really' efficient and dynamic power systems will NEVER come to light. Those inventors who have the capability to do some really good work in this area, have unfortunately been "parked" and we will apparently not be able to create the kind of energy system, that had been envisioned by Nikola Tesla. I've been at this research for over thirty (30) years, and I'm convinced that it simply will not be allowed to happen.

We have plenty of oil up in Alaska, and within the lower forty-eight (48) states, but the International bankers have seen to it that we will never receive it. We have a political system, that refuses to buck this obfiscatory system. We have citizens who haven't got a clue as to what is really going on in this country. Our political leadership is a fraud, and our political system appears to be fraudulent as well. I wish I could say better things, but the facts appear to bring this out. Read my research, and tell me differently.

Remove the 'control' paradigm, restore good leadership to this country (individuals like Ron Paul) and we will become the kind of nation that can generate real wealth, power and individual initiative currently lacking in all of our important sections of our society.

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