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Peter x says he was employed in 1978/79 by NASA/JPL to derive a non-solar energy device that could provide power for space craft, and that the electromagnetic technology developed has been in continuous operation since that time . . . , and is now being offered for licensing for lay application.


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Unrealistic Paranoiah

On Nov. 5, 2008, in response to a recent anonymous communication from Peter X, stating he would keep the technology to himself until he has a way to do two-way communication without exposing himself, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Robert A. Nelson of wrote:

Effectively impossible. Only a state of Grace can protect. If he wants to survive, he'll have to give it away. If he wants the discovery to survive, he'll have to publish the "secret". If he wants to get wealthy ( or even merely rich) he'll have to give it away. If he's so smart, invent something else, better. If he doesnt want to have to keep looking over his shoulder, he should develop his intuition and peripheral vision.

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