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We did receive a DVD from John Ettridge showing the Ettridge Wind Turbine and Gemini Motor in operation. Sept. 15, 2008. Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett

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Comment 1:

I just recently discovered this motor (8/20/05) and have found that all the info on it is about a year old. What has happened to this motor and it's inventor? They seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. If anyone has any new information on this inventor and his invention I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks

Comment 2: Mr Ettridge and his electric motor appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "New Inventors" TV program some 6-8 months ago (late 2004/early 2005). He came across as a complete nutbag who neither understood the claims he was making nor was able to justify his claims scientifically. He deflected all questions and advice with regard to basic testing of the equipment to prove the claims he was making about his electric motor with a persistent "it's not ready for testing yet" string of answers, and seemed perfectly happy to completely ignore fundamental principles of physics like, for example, that little thing called conservation of energy. "The New Inventors" is a very friendly, light-weight type of television show, and even they tore Ettridge to pieces when they discussed his invention. I note with interest that Ettridge is now clinging desperately to the statement from 'John Chandler', but I also note that what Chandler says about the electric motor is quite different to what Ettridge claims it does. He portrays his motor as a metaphorical equivalent for a perpetual motion machine, and in my view Mr Ettridge is no more sane than any of the prior claimants to that same 'technology'.

Tim Harwood

From email correspondence Monday, August 23, 2004 1:54 AM

"S.R, pms, flux paths, its all in the right direction. I just happen to think the electric motor industry needs shaking out of their

smug 50 year complacency. There is substance in John's work, as is evident in his patent. 3/4 things he picked up on - it is more than just twin stator faces."

Paul Chandler

On July 18th 2000, Paul Chandler, Research Engineer of the Northern Territory Center for Energy Research, part of the Northern Territory University, said:

"The general theory is that permanent magnet (PM) machines are capable of producing higher efficiencies over other such as induction motors and reluctance motors. They can be very robust and produce a large torque for their physical size. The revolutionary feature of the GEMINI motor is that it has the capability of producing more power for the same volume. Theoretically, it is capable of handling twice the power of a same size conventional motor and while doing so, remain at the high efficiencies that PM motors are capable of. A reduction in size comes with the obvious benefit of material reduction, hence savings in weight and cost. A less obvious advantage is in that a reduction in size opens up markets where space limitations have previously led to the use of costly and inefficient transmission systems. The manufacturing principles of the GEMINI motor are conventional in fashion and would require a minimal retooling cost as compared with other novel motors emerging from the field of research."


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