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Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:G Force Rotational machine - Since 1993, an Armenian inventor has been demonstrating his patented machine that harnesses static gravitational energy to turn a 3 meter diameter wheel that turns a 300KVA electric generator. Just release the brake, and off it goes. Commercial version expected in about a year. (PESWiki Jan. 4, 2008)


Breathrough but Expensive

On Jan. 5, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

While this appears to be a monumental breakthrough, the complexity and size of the device will probably price this quite a bit above fossil-fuel-based energy generation. It will require significant maintenance, and it's very loud, but it does operate 24/7, which is better than solar, wind, and other nature-based renewables. The economy of scale may come in larger sizes, while smaller iterations will be almost useless. In ten years from now, as the effect is optimized and the size and components are simplified, it may begin competing in price.

Some Assembly Required

On Jan. 5, 2008, Chris wrote:


I'd call it the SAR MACHINE: Some Assembly Required.

Videos Prove Nothing

On Jan. 5, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Eric Krieg wrote:

A couple reasons why I think we should be cautious of the gravity

motor found at :

First, were there any way to harness gravity, at least one of these

over balanced wheels would have been validated in their pathetic 1000

years of failures. I think it's centuries past time to say, "I won't

believe it till I (or some source I really trust) see it working in

front of me. Consider a few warning bells that should go off with the

statement, "This machine has been under development since 1967. The

first working model was demonestrated in 1993. The machine has been

tested by his government but not international testing organization.".

Someone working on something for over 30 years shows a high probability

that they are just tired of decades of life-sucking failure and simply

out of delusion crossed the road from foolishness to fraud. If a

working model was available in 1993, then they must be really stupid and

selfish to keep it a secret for the past 15 years. Another thing with

this device, Directory:EBM:South Shore Energy Generation interest and the 5 story high PM failure I looked at - why do

they have to make such huge big complicated things? Wouldn't a minimal

size device be enough proof of concept to convince a company that

specializes in mass production crank out millions for Wallmart? Listen,

the hard part is getting real perpetual motion or over unity, the easy

part would be just converting it to self run or to make a transportable

minimal version to take on a world tour. I'm an engineer and stink at

promotion and marketing kinds of stuff, but I guarantee you, if I had a

real free energy device on Monday morning, by Tuesday, I would have

engineer, skeptic and local media friends demanding I be heard, by

Wednesday the Philadelphia TV stations would cover me, and by Friday I'd

have network air time and you'd see my goofy grin on the next Time or


Again, these videos prove nothing, every week a new claimant with

no proof but his word crawls out of the woodwork saying he has the real

thing - just look in our past history, these claims of impossible things

are a dime a dozen, lets learn to not get too excited by the latest one

till we have the kind of extraordinary evidence demanded by such

extraordinary claims. There are plenty exciting and TECHNICALLY

POSSIBLE things to get excited about, like cheap solar cells, cheap high

capacity batteries, lower temperature super conductors, waste to energy,

cheap super insulators, cheap ways to harness wind, etc.

Gravity Motors Don't Work

On Jan. 6, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Eric Krieg wrote:

I have the greatest respect for Armenian people and feel bad that the

Turks have covered up their genocidal holocaust against the Armenians.

I agree when negotiating with people that it helps to be aware of their

culture. But in the case of technology or science, culture doesn't

enter into it something works or it doesn't. The Frenchman I met with

who spent 50 years working on PM wheels was a really nice and dedicated

person - but I still believe he like hundreds of others have wasted

their lives on something impossible.

Ken's example of the quest for flight is a good one. But the birds

all around us show it to be theoretically possible and once real

engineering and science was around, people knew it was a matter of

better materials, a lighter power source and such. (the story I learned

as a kid about the secret being the shape of the wing is a myth). It

was not a matter of someone finding the right design - many different

designs work when one has a good propulsion power system. In the case

of over balanced wheels - they all fail. Even if one believes that

some combination of wheels, ratchets, weights, etc could work, there

have been so many false claims that we really should expect real evidence.

I think pretty much the same thing can be said for magnets and wires

- according to the physics that got us cell phones, computers and space

ships, you just can't come out ahead with magnets and wires. We should

not get too excited about those claims either until their is really good

evidence. We have already seen many perendev types say they have devices

that would pass my $10,000 test - but they spin excuses when you ask for

real evidence. It shouldn't be a big deal to get someone credible in

their area to do such a test and openly publish it. I predict the EBM

people will dodge chances to get at the truth for months to come.

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