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Image:Energytower inside turning 95x95.jpg

Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:EnergyTower AB Wind Turbine - The Energytower is said to be a controlled reproduction of a tornado inside a cylindrical tower.


Trouble Facing the Wind?

On Feb. 8, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

The primary weakness I would anticipate for this system would be in getting it to turn to face the wind.

10th October

According to a newsarticle written in swedish in their press section the company will assemble three test-turbines on the 10th October of the latest design. These windpower units seem to have a wing that makes them face the wind, from what is seen on the 3d model on their webpage. -Edelstam 04:05, 4 October 2010 (PDT)