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Directory:SHPEGS - Solar Heat Pump Electrical Generation System - Passive solar collection exploiting the differences between air temperature and a large underground "heat sink". The system uses the idea of a Directory:Solar Tower, but causes the convection to occur in both directions depending on the ambient air temperature relative to the sub-terrain. The system generates electricity in both the heat transfer and the air convection created by the air temperature change.


This system can be used for trail in the chimneys of power plants which regularly emits hot gases.With certain changes in system this principle may be used effectively in the power plant. Since the height of chimneys in power plants is comparatively more necessary draft for air may be available for rotation of turbine blades.


How about using a "Heatsink" instead of a heatpump? More specificly use an anhydrous ammonia heat absorber at the top of the tower. At the bottom will be a seperate device to use the heat taken from the top (passively).

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