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Image:ENECO thermal electric cooling collage 95x95.jpg

Utah company claims to have invented and patented a "solid state energy conversion/generation chip" that will convert heat directly into electricity or alternatively refrigerate down to -200 degrees Celsius when electricity is applied.

technical inaccuries

I feel there are a couple of technical inaccuries in this that I hope can be corrected by someone that knows more about this than I do.

(1) "will convert heat directly into electricity". This is impossible by the second law of thermodynamics. What they do is convert a heat difference into electricity. Big difference.

(2) "Its energy density (a measure of power production for a given weight or size) is 5 times better than current lithium-ion-batteries". Given that, unlike Li-ion batteries, this does not store energy, this comparison seems faulty to me.

(3) "absolute efficiencies in terms of how much heat energy is converted to electricity of between 20 and 30 percent." Given that a standard steam-driven turbine has efficiencies higher than that, some discussion of how this could be used seems beneficial.

--Jbradfor 10:49, 17 Jan 2007 (EST)

'Power Chips plc' Surpasses Eneco

Commant posted Nov. 22, 2006 on ITWeek story

The competition is many years and many 10's of % ahead of Eneco's 20 to 30% claimed efficiencies. Directory:Power Chips PLC presents at the Clean Energy Showcase on Thursday Nov 23 at the DTI Conference Centre in London. They have work in progress samples and are, with relatively trivial research funding requirements, only months away from product!

Rebuttal : Eneco has actually tested their prototypes.

Heat-to-Energy requires Heat

Being able to heat or cool using solid state devices is cool, though not new. If they have a better widget in this space, more power to them. However, if you want to turn excess heat into electricity on a mass scale, you can't easily beat our current power plants. You still have to create the heat for this device to work... why is this listed as the #2 energy alternative?

Rebuttal : Geothermal and Solar are great sources of free heat. Also, harnessing what is presently wasted heat, such as in a smelter or in our power plants, makes a lot of sense, and isn't going to be depleted any time soon. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan (May 9, 2007)

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