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Posted by "New Energy Congress advisor, Directory:James Dunn"

Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 6:37 AM

Sterling – The Thor Power news piece is another example of extremely “BAD? reporting, particularly by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners. In this news release from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the inventor, Dave Bonner claims that there have been no significant motor improvements since 1906, and that most motors are “only 47% efficient in use of electricity?. He further states that “the typical AC motor has a lifespan of about 400 hours’.

What cave has Bonner been locked up in for the last 100 years? If your typical AC motor like those used in Refrigerators, and Air Conditioners (referenced by Bonner) lasted only 400 hours, you would be replacing them about once a month (there are 720 hours per month). On the contrary, most AC motors used in appliances like refrigerators last well over 20,000 hours and operate at over 87% efficiency, which he claims his ‘breakthrough’ device operates at! Apparently Mr. Bonner was not aware that some people leave their refrigerators running 24 hours a day, for many years. In fact, most new Energy Star refrigerators and appliances have dramatically improved efficiency of both the motors and compressors, with significant reduction in power use, with cooler quieter operation etc. Companies like GE, Westinghouse, Reliance, Baldor, Siemens, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, ABB, and scores of others all have motors with better efficiency than Thor’s.

Also, the “highly efficient rare earth magnets?, which Mr. Bonner claims are “a relatively new technology? were developed in the 60’s and have been in use for over 40 years (see Magnets Patents)

This article is another example of extremely poor reporting and embarrassing for organizations like the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, who are assisting Mr. Bonner with his ‘new’ motor technology. This kind of reporting may look good to the media, but hurts the overall field of honest hard working inventors, and the credibility of our motor industry.


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Electric Motor Design Cuts Energy Use in Half - Thor Power is commercializing a new electric motor design that generates twice the power at half the weight and double the efficiency of existing electric motors. This cuts the consumers' operating costs by 50%, for applications like refrigerators and air conditioners. (Ben Franklin Technology Partners)