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Talk:Directory:Electro Magnetic Energy (EME) by TWM Technology

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Comments of Mikhail Manza:


This is a three phase Bedine type motor but much better. The idea coming from this inventer from the petrol engine commutator-normal type, is the same as what Bedine did butšslightly different becausešthe fly wheel with the hole interrupts the magnet flow from the permanent magnet sealed across the core of the ignition coil. It is a Bedine type motor with five poles and three phases (15 poles). The same power of torque is compatiblešto a one phase (as used only for slow fans) and a three phase motor. The commutator possibly uses just uses diodes and relays for accurate charging. It uses a system of total repolarization of the coils (not partial like Bedini). I think that the construction is coming from the idea to create a reliable commutator and generator (two in one) for US engines of the old Ford type. It is exactly the same construction for six or eight cylinders.

Samuel's comment: The patent application number is 20080143206, which can be found here:$&RS=IN/wheeler-t$

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