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Talk:Directory:Efforts to Remedy Paul Pantone's Wrongful Treatment in Utah State Hospital

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Jan. 4, 2009

Sterling Allan sent a letter to the head of the Utah State Mental Hospital asking for clarification of the case and release of Paul Pantone.


:"In September 2007, Paul was seen by an Endodontist outside of the Utah State Hospital. This doctor told Paul he could restore most of Paul's maltreated teeth. The USH has not approved any return visits to this doctor, and still wants to extract most of his teeth with an in house dentist. Never mind the damage, it's cheaper. Dental decay has been rapid since September from the untreated infections and lowered immunity. Paul has lost several more teeth and doesn't have many left to chew with.

:In October 2007 after over 18 months of waiting, a foot surgeon refused to treat Paul's broken foot after he saw the various untreated infections on his body. Since Paul had been put on antibiotics several times and had been taken off the antibiotics each time in mid-treatment, there was also a concern that this level of medical malpractice at the Utah State Hospital has made Paul's hepatitis C and other diseases, resistant to the medications and a potential candidate to develop a lethal level of There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1].

:Paul Pantone finally received badly needed foot surgery in November 2007 even though there was some risks of complications arising from his other untreated infections. Healing has been slow and painful due to infrequently changed bandages and an oversized walker forced on him by USH staff against doctor's orders." ("Paul Pantone Defense Project'')