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"Damn fine backyard booz machine there ... just need to add a chiller and a bar and your all set for a nonstop party. I can see this one getting regulated out of use real fast." Congress:Member:Mark Snoswell

Sugar would become premium

On May 12, 2008, New Energy Congress member, Nicholas Tastad wrote:

10 lbs of sugar per gallon

each gallon only 2/3 the energy content of gasoline

Okay, maybe right now a guy can hoard sugar at 10 cents a lb or whatever some guy down in Mexico says he can sell it for. What happens when only a couple thousand people start burning through 10 lbs of sugar every 15 miles or so. Let's say 50,000 people at an average of 3000 miles per year start using this thing. My numbers say that's 10 BILLION lbs of sugar to keep 50,000 people rolling down the road at a relatively conservative conservative 3000 miles per year. This thing isn't going to save America. It wouldn't surprise me if some secret sugar producers guild put up the financing up for the R&D and production of this thing.

Could any mercantile exchange in the world move an extra 10 billion lbs without hotrodding the price to dollars per pound?

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