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Talk:Directory:David Wells Weather Control System

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A dozen years ago, while pursuing a possible overunity machine, Mr. Wells discovered that the machine was effecting local weather. Several machines and years later, the effect is much better understood and refined.


What a Can of Worms!

On Dec. 25, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

This makes me think of kids playing in Dad's gun closet. What a can of worms!

Good thing?

On Dec. 25, 2007, a friend wrote:

This does not sound like a "good" thing with the human race's record for using new technologies for weapons first, and then ask questions later...

: (reply by SDA) At least in this case, it starts with the good guys. ...could quickly spiral out of control.

I am sorta feeling, that there will be a huge change in the human mind/soul consciousness in these next few years... that can allow further breakthroughs in technology (spiritual and physical) to come w/o fear and oppression.