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Directory:Daniel Pomerleau Free Energy Coils - Autistic Candian, Daniel Pomerlou, has given numerous demonstrations of free energy generation using only coils of wires and mind power. Powers 200 Watt bulb, skill saw, motors and other appliances in front of electrical engineers who have no idea how he does it. (PESWiki Mar. 25, 2008)


Reminds me of Keely Mind Power

On March 26, Dale Pond wrote:

This phenomenon reads almost identical to those demonstrations given by John Worrell Keely in the 1880s. We know now today Keely used Mind Force to power and control his machines. Pomerleau is showing us today this idea is true and can be utilized by others, once understood. All my research with 'Sympathetic Vibratory Physics' has been to uncover and understand the links between Mind and Matter such that this phenomenon becomes SCIENCE that it can be understood and harnessed to improve our lot in life. Keely and Russell both wrote: "All force is Mind Force." We need but keep after this unexplored world of unlimited possibilities. That Mind effects Matter has been incontrovertibly proven by 'Princeton University Engineering Labs'. Now that we know such force exists in nature what are we going to do about? There is a whole new force in nature science has been ignoring. Where would we be if electricity as a force had been ignored? A brief look around the web will reveal some of the leading labs are engaging in this pursuit. They will become the pace-setters. Everyone else will be playing catch-up.

Russell, Keely explain this Mind power

On March 27, Esa Ruoho wrote:

The little that I have read of writings of Walter Russell and John Ernst Worrell Keely, this holds true as a demonstration of the early understanding of mind-power or consciousness-power. Lao&Walter Russell both wrote about this, Walter with 'The Self-Multiplication Principle' and Lao in 'The Science of Mind-Healing' in "God Will Work WITH You But Not FOR You". Russell also speaks about the mind envisioning force in "The Home Study Course for Universal Laws, Natural Science and Living Philosophy". Keely also seems to have been capable of building machines attuned to his specific mind-force-frequencies, and thus will/desire devices to function. Just because of Pomerleau is autistic and capable of actually becoming one with the coil to energize it "from the vacuum" or to "act as a conduit between the Still Magnetic Mind universe that is invisible to limited human senses (that Russell spoke about)" doesn't mean there is any reason to pooh-pooh this off. If people were to prove that that beam-ray microwave frequency etc that they claim is coming from the camera, isnt, they'd still grasp at anything else. This is grasping at straws. Accept that the human mind is capable of harnessing enormous energies, be it at the strongest point of an emotion, or in a crisis-situation, that true artists and craftsmen (Keely was a craftsman and definitely an engineer) leave an imprint of their own consciousness into the work that they put together (see Stradivarius, composers and some truly advanced open energy systems engineers, see Joe Cell) is not ever going to be accepted by anyone but it is being accepted by some. You will have experienced glimpses of this in music when a person you know very well, you can hear their imprint on the song they have composed, or otherwise. What Pomerleau is doing is extremely important, but unfortunately the engineer-soil just isnt ready for this, yet. You'd have to focus much too much on the mind / consciousness and its science, something which we hardly know anything about as it is. Remember, Tesla envisioned his machines before building them. He didn't come up with a random idea accidentally when putting together a capacitor and a coil, he already knew what he was doing before he started. Russell explains how to know, and what is it that we are unconsciously trying to learn. Keely utilized it, so did Tesla, Leedskalnin, Reich, Schappeller, Schauberger. If you look into Viktor Schauberger long enough you will notice that he 'sent' his mind into water, his consciousness into water, and let "the water have it" for a while, then deciphered the experiences. Stubblefield also worked with intuition. It is the intuitive, sensitive scientists that have truly brought us quite too advanced knowledge which some are not ready to accept or to utilize - more's the shame. WITTS/Thrapp talked about this in the 2007 interview, "tuning to the dominant"/"asking the Lord for advice", others call it pondering, others tune themselves towards intuition/inspiration to receive ideas as flashes of light. The problem is that the people who talk about such spiritual angles are mostly as misguided and missing-the-point as the engineers who are busy ignoring the whole angle. There is a compromise, and this is what the Russells taught. Nothing will be understood about the Joe Cell, Daniel Pomerleau's devices, or John Keely's devices, unless if the Mind Domain is embraced, accepted, and studied.

Magic Trick

On March 26, 2008, Andrew Reeve wrote:

I really enjoy your Free Energy website, in fact I visit it every day without fail.

On the autistic inventor Daniel Pomerleau and his free energy coils, I must say it really comes off as a magic trick, especially because he supposedly uses his "mental powers" to kick start it. To me it sounded like someone else was probably feeding his machine trough a microwave beam. The simplest way would be by stripping out a magnetron out of a microwave oven and using it by always pointing it at his machine during one of his public demos. His machines have plenty of coils to pick up the beam and all it would take would be one that is built with an inductance close enough that it would resonate at the magnetron's frequency.

If you go the forum at the following location:

you'll find that one poster by the name of wattsup, (reply #108) gives a description of what he witnessed at one of the demonstrations. Near the end of his description you'll this interesting tidbit:

: ''"...One last thing. The hole event was video taped by a woman who was centrally installed on a higher table located in the back of the room. Her camera was pointed to Daniel filming the whole demo. I did not think to ask to view the video or inspect the video camera at the end of the demo and this, in my view, is the only piece left unturned.

: "The only possibility of trickery could be the video camera was not really a video camera but a static gun or beam of some type that is concentrated and always aimed at or around Daniel. Is it possible that a video camera could be faked to emit some type of beam that hits the Plexiglass and that induces an electrical current therein. This is the only question I have unanswered. Maybe a microwave gun. I am saying this because they said they always video tape the events but they offer no video for sale. So what's the point..."

Also I found in the same Forum out that they were also charging people $20 each to see the demo. Whenever Daniel is pressed on releasing details of his machines (which he would have to do in order to secure patents) he claims that he would be killed by the powers that be.

I think it's because the whole thing is a magic trick and Daniel's guardians want to just keep raking in the money for as long as they can.