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Image:Cyclone patent fig5 95x95.jpg

The Cyclone Engine is designed around the principles of an external combustion engine, to efficiently use any liquid or gaseous fuel and create more power and significantly less emissions than current gasoline or diesel powered internal combustion engines.


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This article says that lubrication is not needed because water is used as a lubricant. That's impossible why is so much information on this website false?

"water is used as a lubricant. That's impossible" -

Try reading their website and you may enhance your understanding:

They have the engine for their land speed streamliner running on their dynanometer running as of 8/11/11 with no oil lubricant, muffler or exhaust system in an open room. Not what we are used to, but evidently working, as I was able to witness.

Regarding the "Cyclone Engine", I used to fly behind a "Wright Cyclone".


There are so many compact and efficient rotary engines on the Top 100 list. Couldn't one of them be used with this cyclone external combustion? Looks so clumsy with all those cylinders sticking out. --OlavN 01:06, 31 March 2009 (PDT)

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