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I believe that they are frauds

On March 30, 2008, Devrim Ogun wrote:

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Jerry Decker summarizes Creative Sciences' claims

Creative Sciences / Rick Harrison threatens lawsuit against KeelyNet - Harrison makes threat to sue for slander, Decker replies.

Item one

Free power! For your home, garage or car! This engine creates it?s own power, it does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible fuel. It is a self running engine.! We Guarantee the Fuelless Engine to work or your money back!

Item two

The Fuelless Gravity engine is what we invented before we discovered the Fuelless Engine. You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to help generate electricity for your home.

Item three

NO MORE HEATING BILLS! Up to 200,000 BTU and up to 450 degrees using our plans. Converts any gas or electric furnace into a FREE ENERGY HEAT SOURCE! Can provide heat to your entire home, Garage or business, etc...

Item four

GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Earlier patents and plans use up to 1 acre of earth land to get 115 volts, but now we have made it possible to get 115 volts using less than 2' x 2? x 4' deep of earth with unlimited amperage. 115 Volts AC or DC

Item five

This US Patent shows how to convert a V-8 gas automobile engine using compressed air! This is a free energy engine!

Item six

we do have free energy! We will not sell anything that does not work! These devices are guaranteed to work or your money back! Many of our devices have been tested and they do work!

Decker Summarizes his Experience

The products we purchased cannot remotely produce 'free energy' or overunity and so our experience with your company has been a bad one as reported.

Don Adsitt's Assessment

Buyer Beware!

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! I would suggest a class action suit against them and have them shut down. I don't' have a problem with them selling this stuff. What I do have a problem with is telling people its OU, charging a huge amount of money for non-working and incomplete plans, and no supporting documentation - and the misconception that you can use it to power your house etc. when in fact you can not. Secondly, advertising the unit with a photo, and the plans to do not match the photo. Your buying what you see in the photo - supposedly.

Reply from Creative Science & Research

From: Creative Science & Research

To: Sterling D. Allan

Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 11:24 AM

Subject: David Waggoner

Dear Mr. Allan

We have thousands of satisfied customers! We do not sell kit's anymore because of Big brother who came to our front door on more than one occasion.....

Even though we can no longer sell the Fuelless Heater kit's, we are allowed to sell the plans. This heater does work and holds many US patents, The few people who have complained are the ones who did not know how to build much of anything or people who got there orders late. But that has changed! since 7 months ago we hired more people to help us get orders out on time and to answer questions by e-mail. ( As many as we can ) we did that to keep our customers happy. We sell FREE ENERGY DEVICES ( plans ). We do not sell perpetual motion machines, but we do promote our free energy devices as a better alternative than free energy solar cells. The fuelless heater does produce free energy, it takes advantage of what Nikola Tesla Discovered ( in my opinion )

Radiant energy, or what we call Vortex energy here at Creative Science, Vortex energy in the form of capacitance as well as friction.

Solar Cells are free energy devices as well as our, Free energy from the earth, The fuelless engine, The Gravity engine, etc...

What we are selling is good stuff, That people can use. What we are sitting on, ( Until the times is right ) is even bigger and better!

Since we started our research and mail order company in 1996 we have sold to over 100,000 people, ( maybe more.. ) We hold on to those names and we will contact them in the future. Big brother will someday let free energy on the open market! and I will not forget my customers who have been good friends as well as faithful buyers.

Thank You

David Waggoner

President / Research Engineer

Creative Science & Research

PO BOX 557

New Albany, IN. 47150


Build One Yourself and See

(responding to request for testimonials)

----- Original Message -----

From: Creative Science & Research

To: Sterling D. Allan

Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 2:25 PM

Subject: Re: your rebuttal requested

I will see what I can do... How about simply building the Fuelless Heater for yourself, a small prototype would cost you very little.

We have made many improvements, To make the heater heat up faster and to produce more BTU's in a small unit, you will want to add 1/8" aluminum or steel disks, as many as you can afford to have laser cut and placed on the rotor shaft, each disk must have a space of 1/4" in between every disk using a 1/4" washer, you then fill the aluminum tank with #40 oil, many customers have used water also. but we use oil.

Will send more



If you can vouch for Creative Sciences' legitimacy, please provide testimonial, with photos, videos, and data click here.

Heater Test Results

From: "froggy doubleoseven"

Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 1:24 PM

Subject: I can vouch for Creative Sciences as mentioned at

In march 2005, I purchased the plan for the heater.

I build it differently because of the material we had at hand. I used aluminium on the outside. I used hard plasting like we use for cutting boards. I built 9 inches high and 5 inches across.

I used steel for the core and shaft. machined all in one piece. I figure it would be better if the core was empty because it weights about 4 pounds I figure. Takes a bit more power to get it going.

We used brass sleeves instead of bearings which causes a little leak when it warms up.

To test it, we used the drill press that was in the shop. We had 2100 rpm which is under the recommended speed. The circumference of my outer drum was also undersized for what the recommendations were. The size being bigger would also mean more speed for the oil. I put transmission oil in it.

We filled it right to the top. Maybe just enough room for expansion. After 10 minutes, we maxed the temperature at 160 degrees. the recommended speed is 3600 rpm but we machined it to a 10th of 1000 so it will handle faster speed without the vibration.

All I can say is that this one seems to work and we built it for about 50 dollars. I will find a way to provide pictures of my setup to show you.

I would think that if the whole heater what [was?] light enough to barely affect the power used to spin the fan, then yes it will save on energy but it ain't free. But it works.

My name is Pierre Godin from Boissevain in Manitoba, Canada.

My number is 204-534-2291

Heater Works

From: Ralph

Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:59 PM

Subject: I can vouch for Creative Sciences as mentioned at

I bought the plans for the fuelless heater, I have built a small heater 10 inches by 12 inches. I built it this small just to test it to see if it really heats up. I spent about $60.00 on it, but that was including a few mistakes I made in which I needed extra supplies.

I can honestly say it does heat up very fast and does work. Soon I will be building a much better one, I just wanted to make sure it worked first.

Motor Results Pending

Forwarded Aug. 1, 2007

Dear Creative Science & Research

I would like to overthrow some the disinformation that is circulating on the web concerning your products. In honor of your request not to give away details I will not give any critical info away. I plan on putting my results of building the fuelless motor on free energy news. The only info on that sight concerning your company is negative so far. I do not see why the fuelless motor will not work as the air core makes sense.

Thanks for your plans!


Ps. I will only state my results and not show any pictures or diagrams

Fuelless Heater works well modified

A phone conversation held by Rick Gibson of Creative Science and Robert Woods "a satisfied customer" on Aug. 1, 2007.


Rick, this is Robert Woods, do you remember me? I built your Fuelless Heater and it works very well! I also made a few modifications and now it works even better! I am getting 200 degrees F in about one minutes time! I found that synthetic oil works best! I also am the guy who built and designed a new type of steam boiler and turbine generator.


Wow that's great! You should contact Free energy news, they love that kind of stuff. Is it OK if we tell them about you?


Yes, go ahead, but my modifactions I made are private between me and you, OK? I will send you a ton of photo's on the heater and my steam boiler as well as my steam turbine. ( Keep e-mail private )


Sure no problem.

A Fraud

On March 7, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Eric Kreig, wrote:

I believe they are a bunch of crooks. I have been for years trying to get them to show me even one person who is happy with a design. I tried to remind them that they could sell more plans and get a $2000 commission by pointing me to someone who could win my $10,000 prize for real proof of free energy at:

These people are scum: worse than taking money from people, they waste the time of tinkerers on worthless designs which distracts people from things that could work. For that matter, most people trying free energy designs work on things that have been known not to work like Newman devices or MEG. Most people who fail to get such plans to work just do not step forward - and when they do, the corrupt plan seller accuses them of incompetance.

We must fully realize that the world of free energy claims is full of con men. I like the idea of us being ready to promote something that would be validated. I keep telling people who claim to have the real thing to offer real proof as the way to clearly separate themselves from the legions of crooks and lunatics making the same claims for decades.

On March 6, 2007, New Energy Congress member, Ken Rauen, wrote:

This purveyor of information has been hawking this device [since] before the Internet was invented. I have yet to hear of even one success story and I have heard of at least two failures.

Misleading or Outright Fraudulent

From: Larry Rand


Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 5:48 PM

Subject: Re: [pes_ee] possibility

Checkout the scam information at the following link:

I have personally purchased plans from this group - Some plans are misleading if not outright fraudulent as they are advertised on the fuelesspower website. My advice to anyone wanting to spend money, spend it somewhere else.


Dear Sterling,

I recently ran into the Creative Science and Research link under DIY section of PEWiki and visited their WEB site.

Unfortunately I must report to you that I believe that they are frauds. I bought a document from them about DIY solar cells and it turned out that it is just a patent excerpt taken from a Japanese patent.

I asked if their heater was a friction heater and they chose to reply as "we are too busy to respond to such questions". I asked them to refund the money I paid for the poor solar cell document and they refused saying that

their refund policy is "guaranteed to work or your money back" and they say that the cells work!

Their site is carefully written and depend on word games. They claim overunity without actually claiming so etc.

Would you please publish my complaint on peswiki where it is relevant so that no other person would loose money on these scammers.

We had a lot of email exchange with the sales manager, if you like to publish those as well please let me know. I can also send you the solar cell document

if you like to take a look.

UNethical practices by this company

On September 22, 2008, J Engard wrote:

Immediately after reviewing my set of plans [for a "Fuelless Heater"], I realized I had been duped.

While this product probably does generate heat, it does not use "free" energy, nor does it use "radiant" energy. It uses kinetic friction, pure and simple. I have a science background and I know what I am talking about. I say it is unethical to lead buyers to believe they are tapping into new science when, they are not.

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