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Company has developed an inflatable solar concentrator technology that slashes materials costs, making solar farms competitive with commercial electricity generation systems within three years.


No Development

Problem is the idea is flawed. You can not scale up an idea that requires the connections of thousands of aiming water cooled inflated balloons to create power. This is another design that is done by PhD types with little or no power generation engineering experience. The got their money and would rather not spend it on showing that it is flawed. So sit tight and keep paying salaries and hope no one notices that they are not creating anything. The big advance they made was hire a PR person to remove all hints of any time line from the web site and just make it look like they are doing something.

Fishy Development

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in term of of price to performance (add simplicity if you want) this is a winner in economic terms instead of arranging several big factories and start selling them all over the world the company decides out of the blue to not do anything!, no real explanation, they will make some PR installations they have patents all over the world and withholding the technology

does something smells fishy?

if this wasn't so sad it could have been funny

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